Kevin Durant’s Top 10 Moments with the Thunder

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Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kevin Durant
Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports /

3. January-February 2014

During the Thunder’s 2013-14 season the team was without star point guard Russell Westbrook for almost two and a half months, from late December to early March. In that time Durant found himself faced with carrying the load for the team. The result? One of the greatest two month stretches in NBA history.

Here is a look at his stats during those two months.

34.7 points,  6.9 rebounds,  6.7 assists,  0.7 blocks,  1.5 steals

Not only did he put up great stat lines on a nightly basis, his two month stretch saw two of the greatest scoring streaks in league history. For 12 straight games Durant averaged at least 30 points, including three 40-point games and his career-high 54-point game. It was also during this stretch that Durant started his streak of scoring 25+ points in 41 straight games, which is the third longest such streak in NBA history.

Durant helped lead his team to a 20-7 record without Westbrook that season, and his numbers during Westbrook’s absence greatly contributed to the final two moments on the list.

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