Free Agency: OKC’s Biggest Competition for Kevin Durant

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Durant free agency
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4. Miami Heat

The Heat have been one of the teams brought up in the Durant free agency rumors for a while now. They are a consist playoff team with some star power…right now. There’s a possibility that Miami’s three best players may not be on the team next season. Either way, the team could definitely use a new superstar ever since LeBron James left town.

Why Durant would sign here

Like I said earlier, Miami has plenty of star power. The problem is two of the team’s best players are also free agents this season and the other is going through medical issues. If the team can keep its core team together then Durant would definitely have a good reason to sign here. They need a pure scorer and a threat from the wing. He would give them both of these things. Miami is also a city that anyone would love to live in. It has a lot to offer a wealthy, young athlete when basketball isn’t going on. Lastly, there’s a chance that Durant might just want to try his luck in the Eastern Conference for once.

Why Durant wouldn’t sign here

There’s a more than likely chance that Miami will lose Hassan Whiteside to free agency. This means that Miami would lose its best young player. Dwyane Wade is also a free agent and could potentially leave for a new team. Even if he does stay though he is coming up on the end of his career. It’s not likely that Durant would sign long term with a team that may not be together or may be rebuilding withing a couple years. It just wouldn’t be an improvement over his Thunder.

Chances Durant signs here


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