Free Agency: OKC’s Biggest Competition for Kevin Durant

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3. San Antonio Spurs

If there is one team that Durant knows almost as well as the Thunder it’s the Spurs. It seems like every season the two teams meet in the playoffs, and both seem to be pretty evenly matched each time. It has led to the Thunder/Spurs rivalry being one of the biggest in the NBA. They will definitely give Durant something to consider during free agency.

Why Durant would sign here

The Spurs has arguably the best front office and coaching staff in the NBA. The franchise has proved time and time again that they have what it takes to win and know how to put all the pieces together. The team is currently in process of getting younger, so adding Durant to a roster featuring Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge would accomplish that. It would also give the team three versatile players to move around. This is also the first team on the list that wouldn’t be a downgrade for Durant to go to.

Why Durant wouldn’t sign here

While the Spurs offer plenty of talent, the Thunder just proved that it has the leg up on the Spurs with its current team. On paper the Serge Ibaka trade made recently just improves Oklahoma City’s team even more. Durant is in a situation where he doesn’t need to jump to a big rival just to win because his current team has already shown that it is a couple steps ahead of the Spurs right now. If San Antonio makes some moves before going after Durant then maybe, but right now there’s no need for him to leave to play for them.

Chances Durant signs here


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