Free Agency: OKC’s Biggest Competition for Kevin Durant

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2. Boston Celtics

The Celtics are possibly the best fit for Durant on this list, other than the Thunder. They bring a fan base that is crazy about its sports heroes in a city that truly loves its teams. Just look at the franchise’s long list of basketball legends. If Durant is looking for the place where he will be the true number one option on the team then the Boston Celtics are the place to be for him.

Why Durant would sign here

The Celtics have shown that they aren’t far away from being a title contender. All the team really needs is a true superstar, preferably on the wing, who can carry the load. That is a textbook description of Durant. He would give them some much needed scoring and shooting from outside while also providing some major play-making ability. He would likely be enough to take Boston from a dangerous team to an elite team in the Eastern Conference. Boston can definitely make a strong case for Durant during free agency.

Why Durant wouldn’t sign here

While Boston may be the best fit for Durant they are also the biggest risk for him. the team really only has one other all-star caliber player in Isaiah Thomas. There is the chance that Durant goes to Boston and the team just doesn’t have enough fire power to prevent Durant from being double-teamed consistently. He would need Thomas to develop into an elite second option, or for the Celtics to surround him with shooters.

Chances Durant signs here


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