Top 5 Centers: Western Conference

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5. DeAndre Jordan

He is the best defensive center in the entire NBA. The Clippers made a great move convincing DeAndre to come back to L.A. Sorry Mark Cuban.

He’s quick, athletic, and never plays outside of his role or abilities.

The pick and roll combination of Chris Paul and DeAndre is one of the best one-two punches in the league. This is why DeAndre Jordan had the highest field goal percentage in the league last year shooting 70%.

Also, he was 2nd in total rebounds and 2nd in blocks per game last season.

He’s one of the few centers who can defend the pick and roll with some success.

His defensive plus/minus was ranked 5th and he’s one of only two centers ranked in the top 20 in the value over replacement category.

But, just as great as he is defensive,he is just as bad offensively.

He has no ability to create his own shot and is a huge liability at the Free throw line shooting only 43%.

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