Breaking down the Oklahoma City Thunder record per jersey

This season the Oklahoma City Thunder have worn five different jerseys. A couple jerseys have proven to be more successful than the others.

Many expect the Oklahoma City Thunder to get new jerseys next season with the NBA moving from Adidas making their jerseys to Nike making them. The Thunder have some of the weaker jerseys in the league. They only have one set of jerseys that jump out as something exciting to look at and those are the sunset jerseys. The sunset jerseys were introduced last season and for every Sunday home game. Nevertheless, fans are likely to have varying opinions on the jerseys, but how do the Thunder feel about them? Well, instead of asking them let’s breakdown which ones have the most success.

The Thunder’s best winning percentage belongs to the Christmas jerseys but we won’t touch on those much. The team only wore them for the one game against the Timberwolves when they put up 112 points. While some fans enjoyed those jerseys, it is unlikely to see them again in the future.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have had plenty of struggles on the road this season and that shows in the jerseys. The Thunder usually wear their blue jerseys on the road and have found little success in them this season. When wearing them the team is averaging a total of 101.64 points per game, the only one of the five jerseys that hits an average below 105 points. The Thunder lack of scoring shows in those jerseys as their overall record in them is a lowly 9-16, only a 36% winning percentage. If the Thunder have the choice moving forward then they should avoid those jerseys at all cost.

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The Thunder have quite a bit more success when they are wearing their white jerseys, whether it be the normal white jerseys or the pride jerseys. Including the Thunder’s game against the Spurs they have only worn the pride jerseys five times. Most of the times they have worn them have been lately and they will most likely continue to increase the amount they wear them. Last the team did the same route including wearing the jerseys in the playoffs. It might be a small sample size, but the team does win 60% of their games in those jerseys.

The white jerseys that the Thunder normally wear at home show off their home strength. The team is averaging 109.52 points in those jerseys with their best margin of victory of 5.42 points. The team has an outstanding record in those jerseys at 17-9. Based on looking at the rest of their schedule and doing a rough educated guess I would say the Thunder will wear these jerseys at least five more times. Fingers crossed they can continue to grown on their success in them.

It is finally time to move on to the most successful jersey. The Oklahoma City Thunder find a good amount of success in… the sunset jerseys. Again, this shows how dominate the Thunder are at home. The sunset jerseys are the only jerseys that have been exclusively worn in OKC. The team has a 6-2 record with these jerseys, good enough for a 75% winning percentage.

The most popping jerseys are also the ones the team pops most in. The team averages their most points per game in these jerseys at 110.75 points. When introducing these jerseys Thunder president of sales and marketing, Brian Byrnes, said they “reinforce the strong connection our team has to our hometown and home state.” It appears that the colors not only enforce a strong connection but also create a strong team.