Injury Update: Highlights from Andre Roberson media session

OKC Thunder starting shooting guard Andre Roberson met with the media on Wednesday afternoon for the first time post-injury.

It has been one month, 10 days, and 18 games. Since OKC Thunder starting shooting guard Andre Roberson was lost for the season with a torn patellar tendon.

The OKC Thunder have struggled when Dre is not in the lineup this season, going just 13-13 without him. compared to 25-16 with Roberson.

Prior to Roberson going down on January 27th, the Thunder held a defensive rating of 103.1, fifth in the NBA. In the 18 games since Dre’s injury the defensive rating has declined to 107.5, 17th in the NBA.

Dre met with the media for the first time on Wednesday afternoon. I have compiled a list of his most most noteworthy quotes.


Roberson was asked what he remembered about the day he suffered his season ending injury. He offered an interesting tidbit. Stating he had a bad feeling about the game before it had even tipped off.

Staying involved

Due to the nature of his injury as of now Andre Roberson is unable to travel with the team. So he discussed other ways he is staying involved and ways the team is making sure he is still a pivotal part in day-to-day team operations.

One big brotherhood

When a player suffers a season ending injury there can be discord  between himself and his other teammates because he is no longer able to contribute on the basketball court. That is not happening on the Thunder.

Dre discussed how his teammates are helping him during this tough time.

Brotherly bond

For those in Thunder Nation that are unaware Andre’s brother Anthony Roberson tore his meniscus two days prior to Dre suffering his own injury.

Roberson discussed how initially he was giving his brother a hard time about his injury.

Then two days later he went down himself, so the two brothers got to joke and bond over their misfortune together.

Mental hurdles 

For the final two questions of his media session Roberson discussed the mental side of recovering from his injury. Including how it can be easy, yet hard at the same time to stay engaged with his team, trusting his rehab process, blocking out outside noise, and taking everything day-by-day.

That’s it for me today, if you would like to watch the full availability you can do so by clicking here. Have a good weekend Thunder Nation and be sure to check out our game day coverage as the Thunder host the San Antonio Spurs tonight.