Preview: The OKC Thunder battle their former for the Grizzlies in regular season finale

MEMPHIS, TN - FEBRUARY 14: Russell Westbrook
MEMPHIS, TN - FEBRUARY 14: Russell Westbrook /
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OKC Thunder
OKC Thunder /

Chasing History

As TI’s own Tamberlyn Richardson noted yesterday Russell Westbrook only needs 16 rebounds tonight to clinch averaging a triple double in consecutive seasons. Westbrook and Oscar Robertson are the only two players to ever average a triple double for an entire season. Each accomplished the feat once in their respective careers.

More simply put, averaging a triple double has never been done in back-to-back seasons. Average aside, if Westbrook notches another this evening it will be his 26th of the season (or 68 over the last two seasons). Putting this feat into perspective, the Grizzlies have 12 triple doubles in their 23 year team history.

*Three of the Grizzlies triple doubles came while the team was in Vancouver, the other nine have come in Memphis.

Keep Felton Going

Prior to the Miami game Raymond Felton was struggling. Felton went scoreless against the Rocket and Warriors. Since April 1st Felton is 4 of 25 for 16.0 percent from the floor including (1 of 12) 8.3 percent from three.

Versus MIami, Felton shot 3 of 7 for 42.9 percent from the floor and 2 of 4 for 50.0 percent from the perimeter. Given Felton’s playmaking responsibilities the hope is he will bring other assets to the hardwood.

Yet, this season when Uncle Ray has struggled offensively he has allowed it to affect his entire game. The Thunder will need the Felton who showed up against the Heat to staughout the duration of the playoffs.

Cherish Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant has been the best player off the bench for the Thunder this season and the unsung hero since Andre Roberson went down. Since January 28th (the game after Roberson went down) Grant is averaging 7.0 free throw attempts per 36 minutes. That is the same as Westbrook and is tied for ninth in the league in the same time span.

Moreover, since January 28th Grant also boasts a (58.4) field goal percentage per 36 minutes, 14th in the NBA. Since March 1st Grant’s field goal percentage has gone up nearly two full percentage points (60.1%). Grant is one tenth of a percentage point away from being tied with Steven Adams for seventh in the NBA in field goal percent.

Unlike Adams, Grant also shoots outside the paint. Although for the better part of the season Grant has been a poor three-point shooter he is currently shooting (11-28) 39.3 percent from the perimeter.

*Adams’ and Grant’s field goal percentage referenced is since March 1st, per 36 minutes.

Regardless of where and how you elect to watch OKC’s home finale make a point to isolate on Jerami Grant. Odds are you’ll gain appreciation for the growth of the wing’s complete skillset. Given Grant’s free agency status, this could be his final regular season game in OKC.