Paul George: ‘Y’all ain’t met Playoff P’ Thunder Nation is ready for the introduction


Paul George met with the media on Saturday afternoon, post-practice. He offered some insight on his mindset going into playoffs.

Paul George met with a pool of reports after the team’s final practice before the playoffs begin. When George was asked if he would be the player with the assignment of guarding Jazz rookie phenom Donovan Mitchell:

"“Yeah I’m used to it, I’m used to it. Y’all ain’t met Playoff P yet.” George stated again how he is “used to these types of matchups and used to going against the best offensive guy in these moments”."

This should come as a welcomed soundbite for Thunder Nation. George was outstanding prior to the All-Star break. Averaging 22.5 points per game on (44.4) percent shooting from the floor and (43.2) percent from the perimeter. Post All-Star break PG’s averages dropped to 20.6 points per game. On (38.5) field goal percentage and (32.4) percent from the perimeter.

Let’s hope the Paul George we witnessed drop 40 on the Memphis Grizzlies in the season finale was a preview to Playoff P. Rather than a byproduct of the Grizzlies dreadful defense.

Furthermore, George’s playoff numbers suggest he becomes a better all around player. From 2013-2017 PG has played in 49 playoff games, averaging 22.4 points per game. On (43.2) percent field goal shooting and (38.4) percent from long distance, along with 7.6 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game.

Playing with Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony should take some pressure off of George. Leaving PG with better overall numbers for this post-season run. Although that was not always the case in the regular season.

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Defensive Matchup

In the video, you can hear the reporter say Andre Roberson was Mitchell’s primary defender. According to Box Score Matchups Roberson guarded Mitchell on 78-of-184 possessions. George and Westbrook provided supplement defense, Russ guarded Mitchell on 38-of-184 possessions and PG guarded Mitchell on 27-of-184 possessions.

27 possessions is a small sample size, however, PG was sub par when guarding Mitchell allowing him to shoot (4-7, 57.1) percent from the floor. What George was able to accomplish was he did not foul Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell does not get to the free throw line with volume, but when he does he shoots 80.5 percent.

That’s it for me today Thunder Nation, have a good weekend enjoy the playoff action today. Stick with TI as we will have full game day coverage as the Thunder tip-off their postseason run. Get ready Thunder Nation we will all be introduced to Playoff P tomorrow evening.