Visual recap of top 5 moments in OKC Thunder epic comeback

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook /

Re-living one of the most up-and-down OKC Thunder games in recent memory.

First of all let’s note this was the biggest playoff comeback in the OKC Thunder franchise history. It was also the third largest comeback in NBA playoff history.

Although the Thunder pulled out the win last night, it was not without drama. Some of the pre-existing issues continued to take center stage. This included the Paul George-Joe Ingles flare-ups and Steven Adams versus Rudy Gobert big men battle.

Yet, the biggest drama of all was OKC Thunder falling behind by 25 points and looking down trodden. However, Russell Westbrook put his stamp on the game taking over with a ridiculous  second half. It was a jam-packed game of action full incredible moments.

To celebrate the night, here are my personal top five moments:

5. Russ-Steven Adams Alley-Oop


Using their preternatural connection in the pick-and-roll, Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams were able to blow up the Jazz’s defensive coverage and penetrate the lane for an impressive alley-oop dunk right over potential Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert.

4. Paul George Ends the First Quarter with a Bang


Although what followed this bucket could best be described as a disaster, Paul George’s huge pull-up three to close out the first period stands as one of the more impressive shots of the game.

3. Josh Huestis Swats Rudy Gobert


Continuing with the theme of embarrassing Rudy Gobert, this Josh Husetis swat in the middle of the second quarter is one of the best plays of the game. The athleticism required from Huestis to not only recover in time, but erase the shot of someone with a 7’9″ wingspan is mind-binding.

2. Russell Westbrook Caps Off Comeback in Spectacular Fashion


Capping off the epic comeback which saw the Thunder reduce a 25 point deficit to a mere three points, Westbrook’s transition pull-up 3 right in Donovan Mitchell’s face was a poetic end to one of his best quarters ever.

1. Russ’ Entire Third Quarter

Without Russell Westbrook’s third quarter, the Thunder’s odds of winning this game are next to zero. His barrage of mid-range jumpers, timely three-pointers and all-out assaults on the rim  single-handedly pulled the Thunder from the edge of the abyss and kept them fighting one more day.

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In the end the game belongs in the history books, but for OKC Thunder fans it will remain top of mind for quite some time. Unfortunately for the players they can’t afford to basque in the afterglow since they are right back in action Friday in Utah and once more in elimination mode.