Thunder in the news: In honor of Mother’s Day

OKC Thunder in the news for May 13th column is in honor of the special women in our lives and sends out wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day.

A friend of mine works at a telecom company and shared a tweet reminding everyone to call their Mother today. In the attached story, he detailed how a company with an exemplary record suddenly had a day when the system couldn’t handle the call load. What made the issue difficult to pinpoint initially was the company could handle 100,000 calls at a time and their user base was under 140,000 handsets.

Perplexed because it wasn’t Christmas Day they initially couldn’t figure out what was happening to cause the issues. Then it occurred to them it was Mother’s Day. And, the reason the system was having issues? Because the 146,000 American troops stationed in Iraq at the time were all calling home to  extend Happy Mother’s Day wishes.

Anyway, the moral of the story is remember to call home and wish your Mother, Grandmother, Aunt and any special women in your life a Happy Mother’s Day today.

NBA Players hit social media for Mother’s Day:

Westbrook pays homage to special women in his life:

I kept waiting for the posts to hit his social media account, and The Brodie didn’t disappoint as he posted two instagram pictures. One with a note for his lovely wife Nina and one to his Mom.

Michael Jordan and his Mom

Budweiser Special Mother’s Day Ad:

Wanda Durant provides the voice over for the new Budweiser commercial tying into the infamous section in Durant’s MVP speech ‘you the real MVP’.

NBA players and their Moms are featured in this NBA ad:

Sole Collector offers a link showcasing special Mother’s Day Shoes:

Featured in the article are player tributes on Mother’s Day including a special message from Russell Westbrook in a past Mother’s Day playoff series.

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WNBA message to Moms:

Kristen Ledlow hosts Open Court session with Wives:

If you missed this show on NBA TV, make sure to catch the rerun. It was a great episode featuring the wives of Magic Johnson’s (Cookie), Chris Paul (Jada), Chris Bosh (Adrienne) and Shannon Brown (singer Monica).

It’s one of the best Open Court episodes and well worth your time.

Sports Illustrated 2015 Article:

Although this article is several years old, it’s no less poignant today. Ironically four of the five players were involved in this year’s first round just like they were when the article was written in 2015. Only Kawhi Leonard who was out injured didn’t play, and then only because of his injury.

Other social media:

OKC Thunder Mother’s Day Message:

Conference Finals tip-off today:

Although the sexier, more coveted Conference Finals are in the west don’t discount this Eastern Finals series. Brad Stevens charges has given new meaning to ‘next man up’ and repeatedly surprised their opponents.

Although the Cavaliers and more specifically LeBron James handled the Raptors easily this Celtics squad, dare I say is grittier. This young Celtics team won’t be afraid to dust it up and enter knowing they are once again underdogs.

All season that little Leprechaun has served up luck at key moments. Thunder fans remember those final :24 seconds of horror March 20th. This was just one such occasion where the Celtics pulled out last second victories.

Looking back to Game 1 in the Raptors series, the Celtics would be the team who found a way for a ball to trickle in unlike the unlucky Dinos who witnessed four bunnies and at least three shots all bounce off rims in the closing minute.

Although fans won’t get the full drama of witnessing Kyrie Irving face his former teammate and King, you can bet he’ll be a crucial set of eyes on the sidelines. In spite of the Celtics luck, Brad Stevens and youngsters too young to know they shouldn’t be winning this series leans heavily in favor of the Cavaliers. Key to Cleveland making it a short series however, will be the play of Kevin Love especially if coaching savant Stevens finds a way to limit LeBron in any way.

Paul George Injury Update:

In the TI article earlier this week regarding Paul George’s knee surgery it was noted the OKC Thunder small forward was nursing other ailments. Not the least of which was the concerning shooting stroke which suffered post All-Star Break. Following an OKC Thunder practice session George noted his stroke was off and he felt something weird, but couldn’t pinpoint the issue.

TI assumed the knee was the greater issue given it was what George had the surgery for.  Yet, Fred Katz tweeted out George also had a bursa sac drained from his elbow at the same time. This might be what was causing the weird shooting stroke and odd feeling. Bursa sacs are an accumulation of fluid or infection. So, that only leaves the hip which we’ll hope was just bruised and will heal on it’s own.

That’s it for OKC Thunder In the news today. Again, to every Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister and special lady in your life TI wishes you a Wonderful Mother’s Day and thank you for everything you do.