Thunder In the news: New Home, Fashion Statement and more KD Salt

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 04: Russell Westbrook arrives for the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards at Brooklyn Museum on June 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/GC Images)
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 04: Russell Westbrook arrives for the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards at Brooklyn Museum on June 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/GC Images) /

OKC Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook purchases a new LA home, breaks fashion rules and remains a target of his former petty Thunder partner.

As the NBA season nears a finish, closer to home the OKC Thunder remain active off the court already deep into plans for the next campaign. Russell Westbrook remains front and center on news feeds. To wit, a new purchase, a fashion choice and KD’s sound bites all directly or indirectly feature the superstar.

Setting Fashion Trends:

Following up n last week’s NBPA “Freshest” Award, Russell Westbrook demonstrated why his peers like his togs the best. Westbrook made quite the entrance at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards. The OKC Thunder superstar brought something new to the red carpet via his baby blue suit jacket. Founded in 1981 the CFDA’s honor fashions best in American women and menswear.

Luc Wiesman of D’ waxes poetic on Westbrook pushing the fashion envelop s he arrived replete in Tom Ford.

"This week Oklahoma City Thunder star, Russell Westbrook stepped out for the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City. As per usual, Russell was the bello of the ball opting to throw caution into the wind with a bold black tie combination."

Westbrook Adding Real Estate:

Erik Horne of the Oklahoman notes the Westbrook’s have added real estate in LA to their portfolio. This isn’t a surprise given The Brodie is a native of Los Angeles.

As per Horne’s article the home features 4,000 feet of basement space. What isn’t mentioned is whether the space is finished. Presumably with a $19.75 million price tag it is, however it’s easy to imagine Westbrook installing a basketball court. Obviously the weather in LA lends itself to have an outside court. But, it wouldn’t be a shock for Westbrook to have one installed inside too. Much like his friend and business associate Michael Jordan who had a basketball court in one of his homes.

This would offer Westbrook an opportunity to have another LA native (Paul George) or his teammates over to get in work prior to next season.

"Per the Times, the multi-level home has living space across two floors and also includes 4,000 feet of basement level space. The home sits on property formerly owned by television star Anthony LaPaglia."

Pettiness Continues:

Keven Durant just can’t help himself from throwing shade at his former team and teammates. Asked by Kelly Johnson of NBC Sports at he NBA Finals presser Thursday what it’s like to play with Draymond Green and his intensity and whether KD had ever played with anyone quite like him. Durant’s answer while not directly naming a person was clearly a shot at Westbrook:

I’ve played with guys with that same type of intensity, but his talent I feel is different. His feel for knowing what to do two or three plays ahead. On the defensive side of the ball you just want somebody that you can trust. Somebody that you know is going to go to war with you. That’s something going into a game I don’t even think about with Draymond.  … It’s different when you gotta worry about if somebody is going to come to war . Draymond is just always ready.

Although Durant doesn’t name Westbrook it’s hard to imagine he meant anyone else given how intensely Westbrook plays.

KD Inferiority Complex?

More from Thunderous Intentions

This isn’t the first time Durant has taken shots at his former team during the Finals. As Berry Tramel covered in The Oklahoman following another KD offering on why he left the OKC Thunder. To Tramel’s point it’s beyond humorous how many different reasons KD has offered or the timing of how it occurred.

"Durant used “validation from my peers” as his reason for crushing parity in the NBA. Durant’s addition to an already-loaded roster lifted Golden State above all competitors while also eliminating OKC as a viable threat to the Warriors.“Validation” from his peers is a laughable concept, of course. Durant drew all kinds of criticism from the NBA’s elite for his weak move. It’s hard to imagine any NBA player thinking more highly of Durant in the last two years than they did before his move West."

Proof In the Quotes:

Like all of KD’s comments this again reeks of neediness and drips of fallacies. To wit, the infamous dinner with KD, Russ and Nick Collison. The trio met a week prior to KD’s departure. As previously noted, Russ asked what more he could do to help Durant win another MVP or help him be better.

The fact KD continues to need this validation and keeps insisting on throwing shade at the OKC Thunder and Westbrook is pathetic. KD just had his best game of the postseason and yet this is where his head is at.  It’s pettiness to the nth degree and only serves to make fans who are ready to forgive and forget want to continue their grudge.

TI Team Thoughts on KD Wanting Series MVP:

An interesting side note on this subject is a few of the TI writers were discussing how KD would play in Game 3. This because up to that point Steph Curry was the leading candidate (and still may be) to win the Finals MVP. The team all expected a vintage KD game which is precisely what he delivered.

Take this for what it’s worth. But, if you don’t think winning the MVP matters to KD than perhaps his response Thursday will change your mind. Asked whether LeBron should win series MVP, KD was shocked. Perhaps his response will convince Durant wants that MVP title.

"“I’m sure LeBron wouldn’t accept that, I mean he’s a winner.—- I don’t look at him like a guy who would be okay with that. “"

Friday features Game 4 and the potential for the Warriors to close out the series. For the third time in four years the Dubs can clinch the title and could hoist Larry O’Brien at the Q for the second time.

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The big question for those of us who’ve long lost interest in this series is who’ll get the MVP. It seems to be a three horse race at this point with Curry and Durant best bets on the Warriors side and LeBron James remaining an outside possibility given the overall playoffs he’s had. If James posts another miraculous performance he could increase his odds.