Thunder in the news: August offers noteworthy stories rather than dog days

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

August typically signals the dog days for NBA news. Yet, there are various noteworthy stories around the web regarding the OKC Thunder.

Once the calendar flips to August NBA headlines typically take a back seat to NFL and college football. While, football is a prominent topic right now, the NBA is still grabbing plenty of headlines.

Take the OKC Thunder, for example, Steven Adams threw some shade at Reggie Jackson, LeBron James offered his thoughts on PG remaining a Thunder, and Rick Barry took a jab at Russell Westbrook.

With that, let’s delve into each story a little closer.

Forget about who?

Since Carmelo Anthony is gone, Adams is clearly the most outspoken member of the OKC Thunder. Adams displayed his straightforward personality in his new autobiography entitled; Steven Adams: My life, my fight.

Adams revealed after Reggie Jackson was traded the team forgot about him quickly. This is not stunning due to the fact Jackson had a rocky exit from the Thunder. Adams added Jackson was the first player on the Thunder who did not accept his designated role.

The situation with Jackson could shed light on how Adams felt about the recently traded Carmelo. Perhaps, when Adams and Melo got into their scuffle during Game 5 vs the Utah Jazz their spirited discussion involved Melo’s role in that particular contest.

Adams book was released in digital format July 30, fans will have to wait until October to get their hands on the physical book.

LeBron shares his view on PG staying put

Prior to the eve of free agency it was widely believed Paul George would depart Oklahoma City to join the Lakers. One hype party later, it became clear PG had no intention of leaving for quite some time. So what did King James make of PG’s decision? ESPN’s Dave McMenamin provides the answer.

"As for George, James said he did not have “many” conversations about teaming up and that he supports his decision to stay in Oklahoma.“I think Paul did what was best for him,” James said. “I think that’s what everybody should do as players. They should do what’s best for them and their family. They shouldn’t get too pressured by anybody.”"

George recently stated he viewed meeting with the Lakers as a waste of time. That was a strong statement from PG, a statement I believe peeved off James. Whatever murmurs come out of LA now will likely be more damage control. Because LBJ wanted George as his running mate, yet PG had other intentions.

Barry Hilarity

Former Warrior great Rick Barry recently touched on why KD leaving Oklahoma City was Westbrook’s fault. Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area has the details.

"“I (Barry) wouldn’t want to be standing around on the wing when my point guard has the ball for 22 seconds and then he (KD) can’t get a shot off and he throws it to me with one or two on the clock and I’ve got to throw up a prayer.“How much fun is that? It’s no fun to watch. And it’s worse to have to be a part of it playing under those circumstances.”"

More from Thunderous Intentions

Barry was highly supportive of Durant’s choice to join the Warriors two summers ago. Therefore, his above statement is not surprising. However, Durant himself once sighted the coach, management, and lack of players surrounding he and Russ as his reason for leaving.

Durant has said many different things since he last donned an OKC jersey, but going off those remarks makes Barry’s comments seem comical.

Check out OKC’s 30 for 30

Don’t let the above text fool you OKC is not getting an ESPN 30 for 30, at least not yet. Instead, TI is producing a series of articles on one player from each team that could improve the OKC Thunder roster.

The first installment features DeAndre’ Bembry, I strongly recommend giving the series a look.

This has been Thunder in the news August 3 edition, stick with Thunderous Intentions as we will get you through all the dog days and noteworthy days of the final full month of summer.