OKC Thunder: Corey Brewer joins Aaron Torres talks Gators, Westbrook, NBA future

Corey Brewer, OKC Thunder (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
Corey Brewer, OKC Thunder (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** /

OKC Thunder wing man Corey Brewer talks Florida Gators, Westbrook, Thunder being Western power and his impending NBA future.

Corey Brewer’s opined on his uncertain future and odds he’ll return to play on the OKC Thunder for the 2018-19 season.

The journeyman has arguably the greatest nickname in the NBA. The Drunken Dribbler – Corey Brewer joined Aaron Torres podcast August 10 to discuss his college days, personal life, Billy Donovan, OKC Thunder and his future. . Asked what he does during June, Brewer said he does the typical summer stuff which includes working out, lifting weights and hanging with his kids in L.A.

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One surprising bit of news Torres uncovered is Brewer grew up on a tobacco farm. And, while he put in a full day of work as a kid his brother who was five years older would encourage him to play basketball afterwards. Brewer figured out at 13 his desire was to play professional basketball.

Florida Gators:

Torres asked Brewer about his Florida College days and why he selected the Gators. Corey noted his immediate reaction to the College and connection with coach Billy Donovan. Coming from Tennessee, Brewer grew up watching NCAA so he was familiar with Florida and keen to join that school. That team produced some amazing pros with David Lee, Joakim Noah and Al Horford joining Brewer at the professional level.

During the podcast Brewer discusses the Florida days specifically with Noah and Brewer and winning the NCAA championship in back to back years. In one touching bit, Corey said his Dad was a big reason why he returned for his third season. His parents had him later in life (40s) and while most players enter the NBA to help take care of their families. Brewer’s Dad (60 at the time) said, the NBA will be there in a year, if you’re having fun go back to school because once you turn pro it’s not just fun and games anymore.

As it turns out Corey was the driving force which resulted the Gators big three of Horford, Noah and himself returning.

Brewer reminisces on the back to back titles and how Greg Oden was selected over Kevin Durant noting “people forget he was a beast”.  Repeatedly, Brewer speaks fondly and with ample praise for Billy Donovan. In retrospect it’s no wonder the reunion between coach and player at OKC was met with open arms on both sides.

Future Plans:

To that end, Brewer discussed coming to the OKC Thunder knowing Billy Donovan so well and the normalcy of the union. The wing man says Donovan is a lot more relaxed in the NBA.

Brewer believes this season with so many returning players after two seasons of upheaval BillyD will be able to do what he wants and there will be palpable growth. (Let’s remember these words and perhaps it’s a harbinger of Donovan’s year).

Brewer says Russell Westbrook is one of the most positive players he’s ever had as a teammate and what people say about Russ being driven isn’t just idle talk. It’s often been discussed by his teammates, but Brewer mirrors the notes of how incredible of an athlete Russ is.

"“He’s positive, he’s all about trying to win, sometimes he wants to win so bad, he might do some crazy stuff.” – Brewer on Westbrook being a great teammate."

Brewer says people are sleeping on the OKC Thunder and they are going to be in the mix when all is said and done. As for Brewer’s plans at the moment he’s prepping for his impending wedding, but his future place in the NBA is unresolved.

With the OKC Thunder currently holding a full roster there simply isn’t a spot for him. He’s made it clear he’d like to return, but short of the team moving someone there is no avenue for Brewer.

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