Former OKC Thunder player Enes Kanter throws KD shade and Westbrook support

Enes Kanter OKC Thunder (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images)
Enes Kanter OKC Thunder (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images) /

Former OKC Thunder player Enes Kanter continues to demonstrate where his allegiance lies tossing Durant shade as he tells youngster to burn his KD jersey.

Listening to a recent podcast on the Ringer the hosts joked that all former OKC Thunder player Enes Kanter is good for is grabbing rebounds and playing a villain on Twitter. There are times this past season many of us at TI sure did miss the points Kanter was able to produce off the bench so I’m not sure about the game portion of that statement. Albeit, Kanter’s defense didn’t allow for his presence on the court late in playoff games. Particularly in the later rounds.

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Still, Enes will forever be loved in OKC for a myriad of reasons. There was the ‘Stache Brothers’ relationship which provided endless episodes of Kanter and Adams together. In addition, you’d be hard pressed to find a former player (who got traded) that still speaks so overwhelming positively about his former franchise both in terms of the city and the team.

Kanter has been arguably Russell Westbrook’s greatest advocate despite sporting the Knicks jersey. The big man often uses his favorite media platform to stick up for Westbrook, calling him an amazing leader and regular guy. He’s cited Russ as someone who taught him so many of the finer points in the game. It’s already a well known fact in Thunder Nation that Westbrook isn’t fond of the friendly opponent banter and interaction.

However, Kanter confirmed what our eyes already told us on numerous occasions during a recent interview. Kanter said he spoke to a former teammate and the Brodie shut it down real quick. Although Kanter didn’t elaborate on who the former player was it’s assumed it was Kevin Durant.

Well, it seems Enes learned his lesson and carried it with him to the Mecca as several times this past season he still referenced the Thunder and his hopes for their success. As for the K.D. shade clearly Kanter still carries a grudge over how the superstar exited the Thunder.

Dime on UPROXX posted a video of Kanter interacting with some youngsters from his basketball camp. In the video one of the kids is sporting a Durant shirt and Enes tells him he needs to go home and burn it. In response the little one says he will if Kanter can get him a Russell Westbrook jersey.

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I’d say he’s good for it too, as he sent our very own Heather Koontz a Kanter jersey in thanks for a column she wrote when he left the Thunder. I’m not sure I’d call Enes Kanter a villain; I would say he’s a character, and a much beloved one at that, especially in Thunder Nation. Here’s hoping he finishes his playing days in OKC. It only seems appropriate. Don’t you think?