Ranking all-time top 5 OKC Thunder alternate jerseys

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OKC Thunder
Steven Adams. Andre Roberson, OKC Thunder (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images) /

With the recent leak of the newest OKC Thunder City Edition uniforms, it begs the questions what are your personal top five alternate uniforms all-time?

On September 10, the new City Edition uniforms for the OKC Thunder were leaked to the public, revealing a bright jersey coloration paired with influences from Native Indian culture through graphics. While the salient detail of cultural infusion can be thought of as the defining feature for the new uniforms, the unique and satisfying color palette selected is definitely an eye-catcher.

As for the reasoning behind the “City Edition” uniforms, the jerseys were started after the NBA initiated their eight-year contract with Nike. Each design aims to represent not only the team’s spirit, but the community that surrounds the franchise as well.

The idea behind the jerseys is a superb one and gives a slight glimpse into the culture surrounding each individual team.

While this years new uniform has gained much praise from not only Thunder fans but the NBA as a whole, there have been times in the past where designs have been less satisfying, and even egregious. The NBA has had a mixed bag of good and bad jerseys, and the Thunder are no stranger to the predicament.

So, with the leak of the newest uniform for the Thunder, what better time than now to discuss past iterations worn by Oklahoma City players?

While covering the designs of each uniform, the article also delves into how they compare to one another and the public opinion of each upon their release. Without further ado, here are the top five jerseys that Oklahoma City players have donned throughout the years.