Ranking all-time top 5 OKC Thunder alternate jerseys

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OKC Thunder
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No. 2: 2015 Sunset Jerseys

What is better than an Oklahoma sunset? Watching our favorite Thunder players in their sunset jerseys no doubt.

In 2015, the Thunder announced their sunset line of uniforms as alternatives, and once again opinions differed among fans. While many, including myself, loved the look of the jerseys, others saw a few…similarities…between the jerseys and other items.

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Disregarding the hilarious creations that spread throughout the internet upon release, the uniforms had a very warming orange coloring pasted on most of their surface, which represented the beauty of the skies in Oklahoma during a sunset.

Paired with navy block lettering, the design was quite impressive and considerably one of the better of the Thunder’s alternate uniforms.

Sadly we may not see a return of the uniform due to the contract the NBA has with Nike. The sunset jerseys were implemented while under the supervision of Adidas and will most likely not be seen on the court again.

For those who hated the jersey, they were able to have a sigh of relief at the announcement of it’s removal. For us who loved it, we will be sunset watching until the uniforms highly anticipated, but unlikely, return.