Ranking all-time top 5 OKC Thunder alternate jerseys

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OKC Thunder
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No. 1: 2017 Statement uniforms

The pinnacle of alternate jerseys for the Thunder has to be their statement jerseys, which were implemented in 2017.

Not only did the jersey feature such a pleasing combination of orange and blue, but also new design choices in the fabric and around the arms that increased the comfortability for the players. It is a fantastic addition to the Thunder’s collection of uniforms, and in my opinion one of the best we have seen in the league.

As for the design choices regarding the patterns, the OKC on the front seemed as if it had been cut down the side, with it’s tilt representing the thunderous shouts of fans in Loud City. The jersey also featured a layering of colors at the back, hinting towards the peak levels of excitement that are seen in Chesapeake Arena. Paired with the return of the sunset orange we saw in the previous uniform, the statement jerseys were an impressive sight to behold.

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While this list is purely my opinion, I would like to hear what yours is. How does the recently released City Edition stack up against the others in your list? Let us know what your picks are below in the comments.