OKC Thunder in the news: NBA Salary cap news, Schroder coming up big internationally

OKC Thunder Dennis Schroder (Photo by Daniel Reinhardt/picture alliance via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder Dennis Schroder (Photo by Daniel Reinhardt/picture alliance via Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder In the news features updated salary cap and luxury tax levels, Dennis Schroder comes up big internationally and SI Top 100 players provides league-wide insight.

The home stretch is well within sight as the OKC Thunder will begin arriving in less than a week. Media Day happens on September 24 and then the team will begin their training camp in earnest. With that the NBA cleared up some business with an updated salary cap, luxury tax level report giving teams insight through to 2021.

Dennis Schroder has experienced a big summer. The German point guard got engaged and played a big role on his national team.

In addition, some interesting patterns were visible when examining Sports Illustrated top 100 players.

Salary cap news from NBA:

Perhaps no other announcement from the NBA has a bigger impact on the OKC Thunder than the salary cap announcement. The projected cap for 2019-20 as per Shams Charania is $109 million with the luxury tax kicking in when teams exceed $132 million.

Moving into 2020-21 salary is projected to be $118 million with a luxury tax of $43 million.

These numbers aren’t drastically different from what was presumed they would be.

Dennis Schroder comes up big:

If the recent clutch time performance of Dennis Schroder and his German National team are a harbinger for the coming season Thunder Nation should get ready for plenty of celebrations.

One thing is certain, this is a play Billy Donovan should immediately be adding to OKC’s inbound plays. With high flyers like Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Jerami Grant, Hamidou Diallo and Terrance Ferguson who precisely would opponents leave open?

Sports Illustrated Top 100 players:

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In case you missed our segment on Sports Illustrated Top 100 players of 2019  the following offers all the links. The pieces note the four list members, two who fell off and the most egregious snub for OKC.

I also dove into the numbers with a view to determining the numbers by every team, division and how the conferences performed. There are some intriguing numbers which should help fantasy fans and those of you who enter pools to predict playoff contenders prior to season start.

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That wraps up OKC Thunder In the news for September 17. Less than a week until our favorite team and players return. As the excitement builds Thunderous Intentions will prep you for the season, so make sure to visit us daily and bookmark us for easy access.