OKC Thunder: Russell Westbrook confirms twin girls will join big brother Noah

Russell Westbrook and son Noah. OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
Russell Westbrook and son Noah. OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Speculation over the newest OKC Thunder fans can be put to rest as Russell Westbrook confirms wife Nina will deliver twin girls this year.

Back in early August Thunderous Intentions ran an article highlighting an early morning Instagram post from Nina Westbrook, wife of OKC Thunder star Russell. Pictured in the instagram was Noah (the couples son) lying on his mother. Mrs. Westbrook captioned the post with the message: “Sunday morning snuggles from big brother Noah.”


At the time I pondered if the two baby icons noted in her message were a hint twins were on the way. Well turns out Nina Westbrook was clearly saying ‘we’re having twins’.

Confirmation came via a video of the husband and wife on YouTube.

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The couple discuss The Little Ark – Nina’s store which sells products and offers classes for parents and

children to interact.

Those who follow Russell on social media are familiar with videos of him singing. Therefore it’s not surprising this is a common bonding moment father and son share or that he enjoys these interactions with Noah.

Westbrook says “Being a Dad is more important for me than anything else. Family is always the most important thing for me. Regardless of you know what I do or how I do it – but it’s important that Noah knows I’m his Dad first and a basketball player or anything else after.

The couple exchange giggles over the fact Noah terrorizes the new family dog, but Nina says it will be fine because they are expecting twins, so they’ll be able to gang up on Noah if need be. Russell clarifies it’s twin girls they are expecting.

As Russell talks about the blessing of having more children his face lights up. Clearly, the same unparalleled drive and passion the OKC Thunder guard brings to the hardwood is the same passion he dedicates to his family. The joy he gets from fatherhood and in being a family man and a husband is transparent.

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Once again, the T.I. team send out our congratulations to the Westbrook family and can’t wait for the little girls to arrive.