OKC Thunder Media Day: Vet Raymond Felton endorsed Schroder addition

Patrick Patterson, OKC Thunder (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)
Patrick Patterson, OKC Thunder (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Despite roster changes, OKC Thunder guard Raymond Felton continues to display his professionalism. As he shows off his winning pedigree on Media Day.

Raymond Felton and Patrick Patterson were the only two players to appear in all 82 games for the OKC Thunder last season. During his time on the hardwood, Felton was productive and consistent for the Thunder last season. Therefore the addition of another backup point guard in Dennis Schröder was interesting. Since Schröder was acquired after Felton had re-signed Felton could have come into Media Day with a poor attitude. However, Felton’s demeanor was upbeat and excited.

This upcoming season although Felton will be in a slightly reduced role, he will still be a vital piece of the Thunder. Due to long-time Thunder vet Nick Collison aka Mr. Thunder retiring, Felton became the oldest player on the team. Being a point guard Felton is a natural leader, and since he has been with the team for a year, he should excel in excel in his role as locker rook vet.

With that, let’s get to Felton’s best quotes:

What are your thoughts on the addition of Schröder?

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‘I’m all about winning basketball games. I’m all about getting better, and I felt like having multiple play makers is good for a team. I’ve been in the league for it’s my 14th season, and I played with smaller guards than Dennis, I’ve played with bigger guards than Dennis, and just being able to have multiple playmakers on the court I think is a problem on defense.’

Felton also stated he believes the combination of Westbrook and Schroder can be scary good. He gave his nod of approval as it was revealed the brain trust spoke to him prior to the trade which landed Schroder which once again points to his professionalism.

How did you foresee Paul George’s free agency panning out?

‘Being close to Paul, being like a big brother of the team, I kind of knew a little bit more than maybe others. It was a process that he had a lot to think about, his family, being home or being in whatever place he felt comfortable in that he loved. So I’m glad that he chose the place that he loved, and we’re definitely happy to have him back for sure.’

What is different playing in your 30’s vs. playing in your 20’s?

‘You just have to really not change your game but add other things to your game in order to stay in the league or in order to get better at what you do. That’s all it really is, just really just working at getting better at things that maybe you wasn’t as strong at 21 that you need to be better at 34.’

In conclusion, Felton sounds eager to showcase his leadership in his new role on the OKC Thunder. Much like Patterson, it sounds as though the Thunder’s iron men will be content so long as they have consistent playing time.

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Hence, why among all 14 players on the Thunder roster Felton is probably the least likely to cause drama or disrupt chemistry. It is a trait all the young players and the veterans on the team can learn from Felton, because as a player’s game declines professionalism can help players land a spot on a team.