OKC Thunder in the news: Russell Westbrook’s shot, knee, and Terrance Ferguson’s absence

OKC Thunder's Russell Westbrook (Photo by Chris Elise/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder's Russell Westbrook (Photo by Chris Elise/Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder fans have some good Russ news and some not-as-great Ferg news to start their day. Here are some recent high points from the Thunder news world.

The NBA season is creeping toward us. Only eight days separate us from tip-off, but it might as well be a small eternity. This offseason was a winding road leading up to the season. As we enter the season, let’s make sure you’re up to date on all your OKC Thunder news.

Russ’ New Shot?

It was lightly reported this summer that Russ was working on his shot. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this would be a huge improvement.

This summer, Russ focused on changing that and a short video from practice points toward the positive.

It’s only 3 shots, but Russ’ actual form looks much more fluid and controlled.

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Russ isn’t a good 3 point shooter, and there isn’t a way to fudge the numbers and make it appear otherwise. Were he to develop a consistent, even league average 3 point shot, the OKC Thunder offense could become a full-fledged juggernaut.

With another dependable, playmaking shooter, pick and roll possibilities between Paul George, Steven Adams, and Russ become mouth-watering.

Not only a potential boon to pick and roll actions, an uptick in Russ’ shooting ability could allow the Thunder to run a 2-point guard lineup and mimic pieces of the Rocket’s play style. With Schröder running the point, Russ taking his madman pace off the ball could destroy defenses provided they’re forced to respect his shot.

Speaking of Russ…

Russ had arthroscopic knee surgery this month. This is Russ’ 4th surgery on his right knee since his famous collision with Patrick Beverly. Watch it again right here:

Though it sounds serious, arthroscopic knee surgery shouldn’t worry you. Arthroscopic surgery is done without large incisions. Surgeons use cameras and small incisions to operate internally without opening the body up.

Russ’ camp elected to have this surgery now as to avoid it during the season. This is the same as getting your tires rotated or oil changed before a big road trip. It’s a pain, but you’d rather do it now instead of halfway to your destination.

Despite his surgery, Russ appears to be progressing nicely.

Russ was expected to miss the entire preseason but is not expected to miss much regular season time.

Ferguson To Miss Time

Terrance Ferguson took a hit to the noggin’ and is now under NBA concussion protocol. Ferg will undergo a series of tests and checks before he’s ready to play.

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In the meantime, Billy Donovan will be looking to play with lineups and see more from key rotation players.