OKC Thunder in the news: Paul George thinks the world of Steven Adams

Steven Adams OKC Thunder (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)
Steven Adams OKC Thunder (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder fans are feeling a bit desperate. Starting 0-4 is a rough go of things. Before we start running around like mad folk, let’s remain calm and act like things are fine. Denial is healthy, right?

OKC Thunder in the news will not be talking about losing. We will not be mentioning that we started the season 0-4. It’s fine. Everything is fine.

Grant With the Start

In case you didn’t notice, OKC Thunder forward Jerami Grant got the big start against the Celtics on Thursday.

This is big news. The Thunder brought Patrick Patterson to the team to space the floor with the starting unit. Patterson has had some major issues thus far. It’s been painful to watch. (Please just watch this dude’s feet when he shoots. I’ve become obsessed. He takes different sized jumps and it messes with his shot. Please join me on twitter and become irrationally infuriated with me @UpJimbo).

So, moving Jerami Grant into the starting role must signal some sort of frustration with Patterson. Grant is not a floor spacet by any stretch of the imagination, so this move plays as some sort of value evaluation where Grant’s smart play and great defense are worth more than Patterson’s supposed perimeter gravity. It’s a small move that could reflect a good deal of what Coach Donovan is thinking.

George High on Adams

And who isn’t?

Paul George recently spoke to media members, saying:

"“I think Steve-O (Steven Adams) has a lot of game that he has yet to tap, a lot of untapped potential, from an offensive standpoint. He could really be a 20-10 guy. I think he defers to Russ, to myself, to the guys that are quote, end-quote the scorers on this team. I think Steve-O is one of the best, can be one of the best scoring bigs in this league.…Steve-O’s been great for us. Regardless if he wants to explore that area, or not. He’s special for us regardless, but I just think, it’s a lot more to him than he actually thinks he has.”"

More from Thunderous Intentions

Having a team leader like George say that another player defers to him too much is excellent, and a huge boon to team chemistry.

For what it’s worth, I agree with George. Donovan rarely runs plays specifically for Adams, and I think he should. Adams is a talented offensive player who could be a 20-10 guy THIS season if he was given more of the scoring load.

Billy, I know you’re one of my most consistent and loyal readers, so I’d like for you to turn more of the offensive focus toward Steven Adams. Thanks, buddy.

The 2 Spot

Some are calling for Billy Donovan to relinquish Terrance Ferguson’s starting role to Alex Abrines or Hamidou Diallo. Terrance Ferguson has had a ROUGH start to the season, and folks are starting to wonder what type of spell he has over Billy Donovan.

Those 3 players will likely jockey for position over the next few games. Let’s hope something gets figured out quickly.

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Editor’s note: In the news was written prior to the ending of the OKC Thunder – Phoenix Suns game. Therefore the reference to the 0-4 start were due to the win not having been secured yet.