OKC Thunder in the news: Dennis Schröder, Carmelo Anthony, winning

Dennis Schroder of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
Dennis Schroder of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Happy Sunday morning, winner. That’s right; you’re a winner. No longer do you need to hide your face in public. The OKC Thunder are a winning ball club. Let us rejoice.

Welcome to the Sunday morning edition of OKC Thunder in the news. I’m you’re host, Reid. I’ll be guiding your digital wandering through all the essential OKC Thunder news pieces for the day. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Let’s begin.

Barkley Loves Schröder…and everyone.

Charles Barkley had high praise for OKC Thunder guard Dennis Schröder and other new additions recently. On Inside the NBA, Barkley said:

"“Dennis Schroder is a good player, like all NBA players are good players, but to me, he might be the best backup point guard in the NBA,” Barkley said. “He understands his role. … Sam Presti did a fantastic job. The kid [Hamidou] Diallo from Kentucky can play, but the biggest pickup, in my opinion, is that kid [Nerlens] Noel. … That kid is a rebounding machine.”"

More from Thunderous Intentions

It’s nice to hear the Thunder getting some love on the national media level. This team has turned it around almost overnight, and that deserves to be recognized. As a matter of fact, the OKC Thunder are playing so well that…

Thunder Have Longest Winning Streak In League

Now that’s cool.

At the time of writing, the OKC Thunder have won 7 games in a row, which no other team in the NBA has done.

I guess, if you were to squint, that would make us the hottest team in the league.

After starting this season 0-4, how does that make you feel? Remind yourself that the last chunk of games have been without Russ, and we still won! This is like Christmas morning, except better. It’s totally better.

In fact over the next 15 games (including the one Saturday in Dallas) the Thunder enter what is arguably their easiest section of the 2018-19 calendar. At a minimum OKC should be favored to win 12 of these games. And, we all know how the Thunder love to get up for tougher opponents.

Check out the how OKC can capitalize on this very attractive portion of the schedule via TI’s dive into the subject.

"Peeking ahead to the next 15 games on tap only four squads have records above .500 and three are at .500 entering game play Saturday, November 10. Theoretically this segment of the schedule represents the best opportunity for the Thunder with or without Westbrook to pad the win column with a view to continual offensive and defensive adjustments."

Melo Returns

Melo had his best game for the OKC Thunder on Thursday, going 4-for-15. Melo plays for the Rockets now, but he still found a way to help the Thunder win. What a guy.

Melo returned to OKC for the first time on Thursday, and he stopped by the Thunder locker room to say hello.

All joking aside, it seems like Russ, PG, and Melo had good chemistry and a real friendship. In some respects, it’s sad his time with us didn’t work out. I’m still so glad it’s over.