OKC Thunder star Russell Westbrook active All-Star weekend: fashion, family, PG, KD, GOATs and more 

As OKC Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook prepares for his eighth All-Star appearance TI dives into his activities and lit sound bites at the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend.

Day two of the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend is successfully in the books with only the feature event remaining. OKC Thunder superstars will be in action tonight as Russell Westbrook and Paul George take center stage.

Both were in attendance Saturday night to support their rookie (along with Raymond Felton) as Hamidou Diallo won the slam dunk title by putting on a show.

Westbrook is with his family in Charlotte in his eighth appearance as an All-Star. Aside from supporting Hamidou in his winning effort, Russ has kept busy in his own right with appearances and special activities.

Of course with the Brodie life is never simple since everyone wants to know about his on and off court life and in particular his beef with specific NBA players. To that end, Westbrook media posed questions about All-Star teammate Joel Embiid and former OKC Thunder teammate Kevin Durant. (see interview below).

With the family in town, Westbrook also got in some time with son Noah. He brought his firstborn with him to a few events including when the pair closed the NBA Jr. fashion show and at the All-Star media event.

On the catwalk:

The OKC Thunder website has the full story on the event highlighting Russ and Noah closing the Rookie USA Fashion Show for Converse.

Kids strutted the catwalk to show off new gear from brands like Nike, Levi’s and Converse, but when it was Jordan Brand’s turn, Russell and Noah slinked back behind the stage and made an appearance that got the crowd into it. Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” bumped from the speakers as they emerged. Wearing a navy track suit, Russell guided Noah down the catwalk as the younger Westbrook donned a new Jordan Brand x Why Not? Collaboration t-shirt, giving the patrons and fans a fashion-forward father-son combo.

Noah sure does seem like a natural on the catwalk and the way he grips that basketball might be a precursor to him following in his father’s footsteps.

Noah makes another appearance:

Russ brought his son with him to a couple of events. In Erik Horne’s twitter video below you can hear Noah call out “hi Paul” as he notices Paul George. Clearly, the bond exists off the court as well.

At the podium:

The key takeaways from Westbrook’s presser are his favorite All-Star appearance of his eight was his first time at home in LA. Russ speaks to the ever-evolving chemistry between himself and Paul George and staying focused on the OKC Thunder task at hand.

Of course, the sound bite garnering the most attention was the one in which he avoided the question regarding whether he’ll be able to get along with All-Star teammate Joel Embiid to which he responded “next question”.

Notably, during his presser, you can hear Giannis Antetokounmpo interrupt him as he asks if it’s okay to hold his son Noah.

And in high demand:

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Why not?

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The Embiid feud:

This situation was similar to the year Westbrook was repeatedly asked about Kevin Durant. In that situation, Russ kept avoiding the question and providing fashionable responses. This time he simply stated ‘Next question”.


As for Embiid on the subject of his and Westbrook’s ongoing feud, he offered a more nuanced response to the question.


While his teammate Ben Simmons offered humor (or maybe he’s serious).

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Honor the Gift in full display:

Throughout the weekend Westbrook was spotted in his own fashion line ‘Honor the Gift‘ including the ensemble he was wearing at the Slam Dunk event on Saturday.


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-H is for Honor- @honorthegift

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Westbrook the comedic host:

Westbrook appeared on Kevin Hart’s Cold as Balls show in an entertaining spin. Although a comedy the pair discuss the original OK3, Westbrook’s take on super teams, fashion, and how the presumed hate for KD is untrue.

Warning there is some NSFW in the episode.


It might not be precisely what you think as Paul George and Westbrook hit a House of Hoops Popup venue following the media day interviews. If you can’t view the duo’s GOAT answers via this linked instagram story then you can click here and find the answers in the Paul George article.

Durant offers his take on Westbrook relationship:

As for Kevin Durant, he also was asked about the relationship with his former teammate. KD elected to suggest there was never a problem. I guess Kevin – 🤣

Erik Horne wrote about it in his the NewsOK article:

“I just thought that criticism was always unfair,” Durant said. “I think that Russell is a player that requires so much attention out there on the basketball court that anybody would want to play with that. He brings an intensity and passion that’s very rare in our sport.

“But with me leaving, it was such a huge deal to so many people that follow the game that they brought up this narrative that nobody likes him or nobody wants to be around him because of me, and that was always unfair to me and I always thought that was pretty ignorant..”

Here’s my question KD —- if that was how you felt then why didn’t you stop that narrative as soon as it came up in 2016? Crickets…. right Kevin.

Sunday action:

Westbrook has long been the key player MTN DEW has utilized as their spokesman in ads and with the soda company as one of the key sponsors this weekend there may be other surprises to come. Just don’t expect the Brodie to invite Joel Embiid to participate with him if there is.

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Enjoy the 2019 NBA All-Star Game tonight and let’s get Paul George that MVP! (or a third for Russ would be okay too). Thunder Up!

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