OKC Thunder Super-Ham is in the building – Hamidou Diallo wins 2019 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest

OKC Thunder rookie Hamidou Diallo transformed into Super-Ham and walked away as the 2019 AT&T Slam Dunk Champion. T.I. offers results and review from the event.

Over the years the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest has lost some of its luster. However, our OKC Thunder Rookie brought his best self and won the event. Diallo became the fourth rookie since 2013 to win the Slam Dunk Contest and the first OKC Thunder Slam Dunk Champion.

NBA.com/Stats released an informative infographic prior to State Farm All-Star Saturday night. The graphic displayed six important dunking elements from the four contestants. Including, ball height, speed on ball, lateral distance traveled, distance contested, max speed run by a player, and hangtime. Diallo ranked first in three of the six categories.

With that, let’s get to a full review of the contest.

The Participants

The Judging Panel

Elimination round scores

First dunk attempt:

  1. Hamidou Diallo: 48 points
  2. Dennis Smith Jr.: 45 points
  3. John Collins: 40 points
  4. Miles Bridges: 33 points

Second dunk attempt:

  1. Hamidou Diallo: 50 points
  2. Dennis Smith Jr.: 50  points
  3. Miles Bridges: 50 points
  4. John Collins: 42 points

Total score (top two advances):

  1. Hamidou Diallo: 98 points
  2. Dennis Smith Jr.: 95 points
  3. Miles Bridges: 83 points
  4. John Collins: 82 points

Final round scores

First Dunk:

  1. Hamidou Diallo: 43 points
  2. Dennis Smith Jr.: 35 points

Second Dunk:

  1. Dennis Smith Jr.: 50 points
  2. Hamidou Diallo: 45 points

Final Score and Winner:

  1. Hamidou Diallo: 88 points
  2. Dennis Smith Jr.: 85 points

Diallo stole the opening round of the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest. For his first dunk, he got the assist from his teammate and All-Star reserve Russell Westbrook. Russ threw the ball off the side of the backboard and Diallo caught it for the windmill slam.

For his second attempt, Diallo leaped over NBA Champion, Hall of Famer, and Inside the NBA host Shaquille O’Neal. The most impressive aspect from Hami skying Shaq is he did do in a single attempt, in fact, Diallo was the only contestant to not miss a dunk. In hanging by his elbow on the rim was a nod to North Carolina alum and stand out winner Vince Carter.

In the final round after Smith Jr. failed repeatedly to get his dunk to fall Diallo opted for a simplistic eye level with the rim dunk for his first attempt.

For his final dunk of the evening, Diallo jumped over rapper Quevo who is a member of the popular group Migos.

Although Smith Jr. advanced to the finals it was not his best night he made only one of his dunks on the first attempt. In the championship round, he used all his attempts for both of his dunks and for his final slam he received a questionable perfect score.


Other notable throwdowns

Despite posting a perfect score for his Larry Johnson inspired dunk, host city player Miles Bridges had an overall forgettable evening.


John Collins notable dunk occurred when he jumped over a replica of the Wright Brothers plane. He also brought out five men dressed in old school pilot uniforms and he wore goggles and a white pilot scarf. He ultimately broke the tail of the plane during his launch, but he was able to connect on both his first attempts.

Closing thoughts

Hamidou Diallo was the most impressive and most accurate dunker. Therefore, he became the champion, the panel of judges made the right decision. After being left out of the MTN Dew Ice Rising Stars Challenge becoming the 2019 Slam Dunk Champion made for a much sweeter weekend for Super-Ham.

Enjoy the main event on Sunday and the conclusion to the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend Thunder Nation.