Commemorating Paul George’s top 13 moments as a member of the OKC Thunder

Paul George #13 of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Paul George #13 of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Paul George #13 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Paul George gives the OKC Thunder a huge win over the Rockets and helps lock in the 6th seed.

Paul George played this game with two shoulders hanging on by a thread. After this game, he was unable to lift his arms for almost a week.

Despite that, George played 42 minutes and helped fuel yet another cardiac Thunder comeback. Things looked bleak again for OKC, and again, I was there behind the Rockets bench. Paul George poured in four 3-pointers, including the game-winner, on his way to scoring 27 points.

Another game-winner by Paul George in unbelievable fashion.

James Harden stepped to the free-throw line with nine seconds left, up by two. The crowd was going wild hoping for a miracle, that James Harden would even miss this free throw.

Of course, Harden missed it. Russell Westbrook ran under it scooping up the rebound and darting down the floor.

Westbrook was trapped at the timeline and had to dump the ball to Steven Adams who promptly gave it back Russ and with three seconds left he fired it into the corner and Paul George launched a heavily contest three.

Despite PJ Tucker literally stepping underneath PG, George confidently let it go and drilled it. Nothing but the bottom of the net.

The OKC Thunder went up one with a second left.