Alex Abrines extends heartfelt thank you message to OKC Thunder and fans

OKC Thunder, Alex Abrines (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder, Alex Abrines (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Former OKC Thunder wingman Alex Abrines bids fans and team farewell in a heartfelt thank you message.

When Alex Abrines suddenly left the OKC Thunder fans wondered why he left the team. Our writing staff surmised there had to be an issue at home perhaps with an ill family member. We knew it couldn’t just be because he had a fall out with management since he was regularly seen attending games. Nor were we surprised there weren’t

more details coming from the OKC Thunder brain trust.

After all this franchise is the best in the business at keeping a secret. That fact made all the more obvious with the Paul George trade which came out of nowhere with no leaks occurring. Although it helped the Raptors were the team they used as leverage since they probably rank a close second behind the Thunder at keeping secrets.

Months later we learned Alex Abrines was dealing with a personal battle of mental health. Thunderous Intentions writer Alex Mcewen provided the details in her article earlier this month.

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Abrines isn’t the first to deal with this issue as DeMar DeRozan was the first to come out and speak on the subject. Shortly after Kevin Love discussed his own battles and former OKC Thunder player Josh Huestis also spoke to his personal battle with depression.

It might seem strange for so many players to be depressed. This only goes to prove money doesn’t buy you happiness. Moreover, these players spend an inordinate amount of time on the road – and alone which in itself can be deflating.

Abrines bravery to come out about his own situation was met with support from the OKC Thunder fan base, his teammates and his peers.

Next, we learned the Spaniard would be returning home to play with his countrymen in a tweet he sent out.  For those of you who can’t speak or read Spanish (raises hand) the Twitter translation is  Back … HAPPY !!!

Abrines played internationally with L’Esportiu Catalunya, Barcelona prior to coming to the OKC Thunder. Those four years spanned 2012-2016 including after he was drafted in 2013 by the OKC Thunder.

The other big social media message from Abrines was his lovely thank you letter to his OKC Thunder teammates and the fans of Oklahoma City.

As per above Abrines Tweet was as follows:

"Hello everyone. It is time to say goodbye, today I take on a new challenge, a new chapter of my life, but I can’t do that without looking back and saying thank you.First of all, I want to thank all the OKC fans, they have always shown me their unconditional love since the day I arrived, and that is something I will never forget.I want to thank Coach [Billy] Donovan and Sam Presti for all your help, your understanding, your patience and above all, for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of playing in the NBA. I only have kinds words for each and every member of this franchise. I want to thank the League and the people that work to make it possible day by day, and last but not least,  I want to thank all my teammates for always being by my side. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter away from Oklahoma, but from here  I will follow and support you forever.Thank you. #ThunderUp"

Although Abrines never got the opportunity to reach his full potential with the Thunder as fans we’re happy he is healthy and going back home to where he’ll be comfortable.

One of my favorite moments was his teenage werewolf sideburns and how he would stroke them after hitting a big shot and how his teammates teased him about them.

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Thunder Nation wishes you all the best in your future endeavors Alex and will continue to follow your success back in Spain.