All-Time PG comparison: OKC Thunder star Chris Paul vs. Hall of Famer John Stockton

OKC Thunder: Chris Paul . (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder: Chris Paul . (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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OKC Thunder
OKC Thunder player comparison Chris Paul versus John Stockton of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Matt A. Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

All-Time Point Guards

In the 14 years of Chris Paul’s illustrious career, he currently ranks seventh All-Time in player efficiency rating, 6th All-Time in steals per game, and possibly most impressive, he has the best offensive rating in the entire history of the league.

Rank Player ORtg
1. Chris Paul
2. Reggie Miller* 121.48
3. Magic Johnson* 120.79
4. DeAndre Jordan
5. John Stockton* 120.55

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CP3 is obviously a first-ballot hall of fame lock when he chooses to leave the game he loves. I think the comparison between John Stockton and Chris Paul is warranted because either could be the poster child for the idea of a true pure point guard. Your offense would thrive regardless of which player you chose.

From my perspective, John Stockton is the third-best point guard of All-Time. (Behind Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry.) The integral responsibility of playing point guard is precisely distributing the ball to teammates for high percentage shots.

I think Chris Paul has the same rare passing ability and advanced basketball IQ, that Stockton has. With his height, offensive versatility, and passion for the game, Paul has the potential to break even more records.

When Chris Paul captured the eighth spot on the NBA All-Time assist leaders list, he stated that nobody would exceed John Stockton’s unheard of assist numbers. Considering CP3’s injury history and his own definitive scoring ability, its unlikely that Paul will be the player to top the assist record. Before his reoccurring injuries, he was on pace to be on the tail of Stockton’s assist record.

Later that season Chris Paul moved into the seventh position on the All-Time assist list and its safe to say he’s far from finished climbing. It’s telling how Chris Paul remains in the conversation when there is a 6,625 assist differential between them.

Rank Player AST
1. John Stockton* 15806
2. Jason Kidd* 12091
3. Steve Nash* 10335
4. Mark Jackson 10334
5. Magic Johnson* 10141
6. Oscar Robertson* 9887
7. Chris Paul

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There is a sizeable difference of assists between Stockton and Paul.  The numbers aren’t necessarily indicative that Chris Paul isn’t as good of a passer as John Stockton. It does, however, demonstrate the longevity, consistency, and efficacy of John Stockton’s passing mastery.

Initially, I excoriated Tony for what we believed was a hot-take, but he was telling the truth. You can’t argue with the numbers, John Stockton’s quantity of assists gives him a leg up in the passing argument.