OKC Thunder NBA2K20 badge prediction

OKC Thunder center Steven Adams (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder center Steven Adams (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /
OKC Thunder
OKC Thunder center Steven Adams (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The OKC Thunder have assembled a roster that features players who have one-of-a-kind attributes. These players will be awarded brand new badges featured in NBA2K20, here’s my view on what they may be.


Badges in NBA2K20 are the signature capabilities that differentiate NBA/WNBA player’s from one another. They can shift the tone of a game. Every NBA/WNBA player has a badge that they excel at. Badges may be centered around defense, offense, or even off-ball skills.

These unique skills can be utilized to boost certain attributes, such as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson both having “Quick Draw” which allows them to speed up the release of their jump shot while remaining accurate. Another new badge that prime Tony Parker and prime Derrick Rose both have is “Giant Slayer”, which allows both of them to finish highly contested layups over much taller defenders efficiently.

OKC Thunder Badges

OKC Thunder 2K has already released the roster ratings for the OKC Thunder, but they have not unveiled what badges any OKC player has. Fret not my fellow basketball compatriots,2KJ is here to speculate and pontificate about which badges the OKC Thunder stars will have.

Chris Paul

Needle Threader

Let us start off with the obvious badges. Chris Paul will wield the Hall of Fame version of the “Needle Threader” badge. This badge increases his chances of delivering accurate passes through the defense in tight windows.

Pass Fake Maestro

His sharp passes are often scouted by opposing defenses, so I would conclude he would also have the “Pass Fake Maestro” badge to throw off his matchups with a superior ability to fake in iso situations.

Off Ball Pest

Defensively I can surely see Chris Paul having the “Off Ball Pest” badge. His off-ball denials and the way he constantly sticks to his defensive matchup and obstructs their movement leads me to believe he’ll have a silver version of this badge.

Steven Adams


SGA makes his living as a jarring rim protector. His defensive presence always makes slashers think twice about attacking a lane occupied by Aquaman. The “Intimidator” badge has to be in Steven Adam’s arsenal.

Moving Truck

When fighting for positioning in the paint, you have to have size and strength. Adams is a player who has both and a willingness to outmuscle any player that may get in his way. This is why I think SGA will have the “Moving Truck” badge.

Danilo Gallinari

Steady shooter

Gallo is coming off a great season last year. Danilo Gallinari‘s shooting numbers were extremely efficient from the perimeter and from mid-range. This is why I believe he will have the “Steady Shooter” badge. This badge gives shooters a higher likelihood to sink contested shots and adds a bonus to shooting wide-open shots.

"His shooting numbers are really great I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a 90 overall 3-point rating."

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The combination and proper execution of these badges will make the OKC Thunder a dangerous team to play against. I know I’ll be using them online while dismantling some of the more “Hollywood” teams.

It only gets better from here.

2K season is now, but the NBA season is next!

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