Can Billy Donovan prove he deserves a clean slate with the OKC Thunder?

Head coach Billy Donovan of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Head coach Billy Donovan of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Head coach Billy Donovan of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

As the OKC Thunder start their rebuild, arguably the most interesting question for this upcoming season begins with the sideline and Head Coach Billy Donovan.

As I sit down in front of my MacBook Pro, dust off the keyboard, crack my knuckles and ponder what to write about as we start to get back into basketball season (seriously, folks it is right around the corner.) An idea hits me, why not start a series to lead us into OKC Thunder media day and training camp?

Specifically, one question that must be answered this season for each component of the organization. Okay, well not the Sports Information staff or the ticket collectors. To be more exact, one question about every single player (Including the two-way guys!), OKC Thunder General Manager Sam Presti, and head x and o’s man Billy Donovan.

For my first article in way too long, let’s start with the most interesting query of the season. Will Billy Donovan prove he deserves another chance?

It is first important to understand what the question means. As of now, it is no secret that almost every single member the OKC Thunder fanbase has soured on Billy Donovan after his four seasons on the pine for the Thunder.

I mean, Just check out his approval rating.

He enters the final year of his contract, making it very easy for Sam Presti to part ways with the renowned college coach and now 54 year old, and embark on his fourth coaching hire since taking over the franchise.

However, many people believed a moved would be made this offseason, but in December, Presti picked up the team option on Donovan’s deal and here we sit, entering the fifth season of the Billy Donovan era.

By all accounts, Presti believes in and trusts Donovan, but when is enough, enough? What can Billy Donovan do to show not only the OKC Thunder General Manager but also the fan base that he is right for the first rebuild of the OKC Thunder era?