OKC Thunder NBA2K20 Player Analysis: Chris Paul

OKC Thunder Chris Paul (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder Chris Paul (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images) /

Chris Paul is the OKC Thunder highest-rated player on NBA2K20. Let’s take a look at some of the skills and unique moves that make him such a dangerous threat.

I know, there has been a deficit of NBA2K articles online lately. Give the 2K community a break. We’re still grieving over some of the players we lost from the recent player bannings. Why not use this offseason opportunity to tackle a player analysis of one of the most slept on point guards in the game who happens to play for the OKC Thunder?

Chris Paul has some of the highest playmaking attributes in the game. He is also a knockdown shooter. There is often misapprehension when selecting a player who is under 6’3″ in 2K, but Paul’s effectiveness on the court isn’t predicated on his height, rather his ability.

Consistent shooting, excellent mobility, and phenomenal playmaking what more could you want from your point guard? He can hit his patented mid-range pull up in any situation. I tried to demonstrate the automatic touch in this shootaround. You can see how smooth his jump shot release is.

Pro 2K tip: always release Chris Paul’s jump shot at the peak of his arc. This allows for a higher likelihood that the shot will go in.

Full disclosure, Chris Paul is the default for my created player’s dribble moves. His size-up dribble is one that requires decisiveness and a player that can pick their spots without hesitation. Dribble packages aside, CP3 also excels with speed, making him dangerous with or without the ball.

When accessing the value of a player, you have to consider all of the player’s skills and your ability to utilize said skills. What’s fortunate about playing 2K is that most basketball minds already have a strategy every possession. This is the type of playstyle that compliments Chris Paul.

I’ve been tearing my opponents apart with the OKC Thunder and my main scoring weapon tends to be Chris Paul. I hope more players can begin to recognize his brilliance.

Perhaps his rating will be higher by the time the season starts. The OKC Thunder will have the “original point god” this upcoming season.

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