OKC Thunder All-Decade Team: The easiest position to fill out

The OKC Thunder All-Decade team rolls on with the easiest position to fill out, the point guard spot.

The decade is a month away from coming to a close, and in that time we have seen a ton of great basketball in Oklahoma City. From Western Conference Championships, two MVP’s, and sadly a ton of heartbreak along the way. In the first OKC Thunder All-Decade team, we ushered in the All-Time team by naming their head coach. Today’s selection is even easier: Naming the starting point guard.

Now, not so much for this position but in the future it is important to note that the only thing that matters in these All-Decade rankings is their time with the OKC Thunder, not their playing days before or after.

Also remember, after the final position goes live (the 6th man award) you will be able to vote on Twitter for your own All-Decade team out of my nominees.

The starting point guard for the OKC Thunder All-Decade team is not only arguably their best player in team history, but their only truly productive floor general. Yes, you guessed it–at least I hope you were not waiting on the edge of your seat spilling your popcorn over this revelation–Russell Westbrook.

What can I say about Westbrook that has not been said before? From game winners to historic efforts, along with heartbreak and truly shocking transactions and seemingly everything in between, he truly embodies the OKC Thunder franchise.

The Westbrook era was so incredible that he even had jaw-dropping performances in All-Star games. The eight-time All-Star, two-time scoring champ, two-time assist champ, eight-time All-NBA member, and 2016-17 MVP not to mention being named the first and only Rookie of the Year in OKC Thunder history.

From rim-rattling dunks, unreal and ones, and improbable 3 pointers UCLA product never disappointed, and he showed up every night. At Thunderous Intentions, and every other media outlet, we have talked a length about Russ’ OKC Thunder career. So I could drone on and on about things we have already discussed but I do think that is an underrated part of Westbrook’s career; He always showed up.

There was never a time in the last decade that I attended an OKC Thunder game and did not see the Brodie do something historic. No matter if that meant going head-to-head with Kevin Durant or throwing lobs to Kevin Durant. 25 point comebacks in the NBA Playoffs, clinching a triple-double, and so much more. I have been lucky enough to see all of that in person, and thanks to Russell Westbrook it was well worth the price of admission.

In the day and age of load management and inconsistencies throughout the league, it was comforting to know that when you bought a ticket you would see Russ do Russ things. Even in one of his lackluster games (by his standards) in the second to last game, I saw of Russ in a Thunder uniform, against the Houston Rockets ironically on the second to last game of the regular season: Russell Westbrook hit a “No way this goes in” three to extend the game that Paul George eventually won.

I guess the runner up for this position would have to be… Reggie Jackson? Is it Chris Paul already? Eh, who cares, there is no disputing Beastbrook’s top spot.

Runner Up: Reggie Jackson

Winner: Russell Westbrook

Again, we could go on and on about Russell Westbrook as I already have in the past, but he is the clear cut point guard of the decade for the OKC Thunder