OKC Thunder: The difference between Devon Hall and Luguentz Dort for OKC Blue

The OKC Thunder have called up Luguentz Dort to the varsity squad. Devon Hall lost his two-way contract and is now full time with the OKC Blue. Lets us look at the difference between the two.

With Luguentz Dort being called up to the varsity squad, the OKC Thunder, and the team being hit by injury, the OKC Blue has been on a massive downward spiral. They have lost nine out of the last ten games and have slid to the lower end of the standings.

Now, due to the potential of trading Danilo Gallinari, and the lack of depth at the forward position, Kevin Hervey has been signed to a two-way contract. As a result, Devon Hall has lost his two-way contract and will spend the rest of the season with the OKC Blue.

However, despite getting a two-way quality player, the difference between the two is stark. Dort is a true competitor, he puts his heart and soul in every play of every game that he is in.

An example of this is when he forced the turnover at the end of the Minnesota Timberwolves game which gave the OKC Thunder a chance to win the game.

Dort may not be the most skilled shooter, but his tenacity on defense and desire on offense make him an irrepressible force on a game, particularly at the G-League level.

Without Dort, the Blue has been lacking intensity, also due to the injuries to some of their main starters but Dort adds that X-Factor. Thanks to Deonte Burton being assigned to the Blue, there is still some intensity there but Hall cannot bring that level, it is just not who he is..

Hall has a quality about his game, he is more clinical that Dort. However, this does not help the Blue as much as Dort’s ferociousness when playing. The rest of the team feeds off his energy. He draws defenders to him by his sheer attack on the rim. Hall, rarely calls for a double team.

Hall may become a solid player for the Blue but if he can’t differentiate himself from the pack, he will probably have seen his last NBA action.

Let us hope for the sake of the Blue he treats this season as a way of making NBA teams sit up and take notice. If he can do that, the Blue will make another solid playoff run.