OKC Thunder: Kendrick Perkins needs to stop encouraging Steven Adams trades

OKC Thunder Steven Adams (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder Steven Adams (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Kendrick Perkins keeps suggesting the OKC Thunder trade Steven Adams via unreasonable deals. Here’s why they make no sense.

Kendrick Perkins has had a busy month on social media. The former OKC Thunder player had that twitter battle with another former OKC Thunder player Kevin Durant, The joy of having a platform is that you can use it for good and bad.

In his role on ESPN Perkins gets to watch a lot of basketball. He knows a lot of players and also drums up views with interesting takes. He does sit opposite Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman so needs to have some contentious takes.

The worst takes he has had in a while is that he wants to trade Steven Adams. He has put a couple of ideas on twitter, and they are both terrible. I am an unashamed Adams fan, but if the Thunder were able to improve by moving the big man, I would be for it.

The first idea that Perkins floated was to trade Adams for Detroit Pistons rebounding machine Andre Drummond. My response to this was no, just no. Let me tell you why.

Yes, Drummond can score close to the hoop, gets heaps of rebounds and defends well.  Adams does all of these, just not with the same numbers as Drummond. The reason for this is Adams looks at what he can do for his team.

Adams sets a heap more screens than Drummond, and sacrifices numbers for the team to get better. Russell Westbrook was able to get his triple-double numbers thanks to the massive work Adams put in.

He boxed out so that Westbrook, who worked really hard, could get the rebound and start the fast break. He sacrifices blocks per game because he wants to stop the play before it gets to the rim.

Then you get to the next trade idea Perkins suggested. I didn’t even think about a response to this one at the time, it is just so hard to fathom.

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When I did think of a response, it was simple, why is Perkins wanting to strengthen the Boston Celtics while making the Thunder worse. Adams is, as I said earlier, the ultimate team man. He is the defensive anchor for the starting five.

His play also frees up so many others to do what they do on offense by sacrificing his body. Danilo Gallinari, Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander would all attest to how open they are thanks to Adams and his massive screens.

Getting Gordon Hayward back gives them another wing. This would impact team balance in a major way. Terrance Ferguson knows his role and performs it well. Gilgeous-Alexander is the same. Adding Hayward into the mix in place of Adams does not help the team much.

My question is why is it that Perkins wants to rip the heart out of the OKC Thunder. The tweet below suggests that he has always been on board the Thunder bandwagon.

He won his only ring when playing for the Boston Celtics and maybe, just maybe his heart is more in Boston than in Oklahoma City.

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My other thought was that he wants to drum up ratings. Either way, he is wrong on trading Adams. Ultimately, in my opinion, the OKC Thunder is better with Steven Adams than any other center in the league.