OKC Thunder news: Will Roberson play again and future star in the draft

OKC Thunder's Andre Roberson (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder's Andre Roberson (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder in the news examines if Andre Roberson will return to the court, the up and coming star who could be drafted by OKC and Lu Dort’s pending full-time deal.

Will Andre Roberson play again?

Many would be ecstatic at the news that Andre Roberson is back in OKC to continue his rehab, with the prospect of returning to the floor.

Roberson has experienced a lot since his last time playing an NBA game on January 27, 2018. He was arguably OKC’s best defender when he went down with injury. And it would be very sad if he doesn’t have the opportunity to get back to playing the game he loves.

There are some differing opinions on whether he will actually play again. TI’s Rylan Stiles believes that due to Roberson’s unfortunate circumstances he won’t return and if he does, he says he won’t be the same player.

"Andre Roberson is not going to return to the team this season. If he does though because we could play the what-if game all day long, he will not be some magical savior. He will not provide this great fix down the stretch run, he will not be a difference-maker, and he probably won’t be playable even if he is healthy."

Erik Gee of Sports Illustrated holds a similar opinion but did suggest that based on the Thunder keeping him contracted, that must mean they believe he will be back in blue and white.

Both believe that due to Roberson’s astounding defense but offensive flaws he may not have a significant contribution if he was to come back.

"For any organization to take a chance on him, not only must he be healthy, but he also must show that he trusts his body enough to play with the type of intensity he demonstrated before that night in Detroit. During his rehab, Roberson has been back and forth between Oklahoma City and Los Angeles; hopefully, he’s here to stay awhile."

These are two valid points and I, like both Rylan and Erik agree that it will be difficult for Roberson to come back with the same defensive intensity as well as the ability to fit into the Thunder’s new system without being able to shoot consistently and accurately.

But I also believe that to go through the adversity he has the last couple of years and to not waiver is an achievement in itself. This shows that he will do absolutely anything to be able to join his team again and get back to his best no matter the obstacles ahead.

Wing talent OKC could target in draft:

As the NBA draft nears, our Rylan Stiles also looked at a top option for the OKC Thunder. They will have the 20th pick and Louisville forward Jordan Nwora is predicted to be selected by OKC.

The Thunder are great at seeing potential in young players that other teams don’t. By giving Nwora a chance, this would show their faith in a skilled wing who should be on the cards of teams with higher picks as Stiles highlights.

"Now, you grab one of my favorite prospects in this year’s entire NBA Draft class. Jordan Nwora would fit the OKC Thunder in every single way possible. The OKC Thunder and Sam Presti love long lengthy, only this wing, unlike most that Presti falls in love with, can shoot!Nwora can drive, but he is also an elite catch-and-shoot wing in this year’s NBA Draft class. So what is the negative about this guy? Why has he dropped so far if he is so good? Well, he struggles defensively to say the least."

In my opinion, Nwora would be a tremendous addition to the team. He’d be another player to represent the future of the franchise along with guys such as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Darius Bazley and Terrance Ferguson.

If OKC has the opportunity to pick Nwora, they should definitely take it.

Dort waits for deserved full-time contract:

More from Thunderous Intentions

Daily Thunder’s Cray Allred looked in depth into why rookie Luguentz Dort is still playing on a two-way deal and why he hasn’t signed a full-time deal yet.

One of his answer’s to this:

"Because they genuinely do not yet consider the player to be NBA material. That seems very unlikely in Dort’s case, but the team really does use the time allotted to evaluate players before spending a roster spot on them. Most 45-day contract players around the league do not get the proverbial pot of gold at the end of their G League/NBA hybrid rainbow. If opposition scouting and/or a regression in his play brought Dortmania crashing to the ground after 25 games, the Thunder would have been foolish to convert him before gathering all information possible."

Allred explains that it is not often that players on a two-way contract secure an NBA roster spot. He says that OKC will need to do their research and be patient with confirming Dort as a full-time player. But he does believe he is ready to be solely in an NBA environment.

I believe that Dort deserves to be on the Thunder full-time. He’s proven every game he has played for the Thunder this season that he is NBA ready. Demonstrating confidence, tenacious defense and a willingness to shoot and do anything to make the team better. This is just what the Thunder love and need so it couldn’t be any more fitting.

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That wraps up in the news for Wednesday, February 26th. The OKC Thunder are back in action at home on Thursday against the Sacramento Kings.