OKC Thunder: Ice Cube negotiating Big3 quarantined tournament with reality spin

OKC Thunder: BIG3 founder Ice Cube stands with the BIG3 Championship trophy (Photo by Ronald Martinez/BIG3 via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder: BIG3 founder Ice Cube stands with the BIG3 Championship trophy (Photo by Ronald Martinez/BIG3 via Getty Images) /

The OKC Thunder and all fans could be on the receiving end of some sports entertainment if the Big3 finalize plans for a quarantined tournament

Missing live sports? Join the crowd! As the OKC Thunder and all teams continue their self-quarantine and likewise fans practice safe distancing the one thing we’re all missing is live sports. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us all of just how much a part of existence is wrapped up in live sports.

Whether you’re having a hectic day or going through something being able to switch on a live sporting event serves as an escape from reality. No doubt the OKC Thunder players and their peers are particularly thrown off since their schedules are very precise.

A typical day finds players waking up and going to the practice facility to get up shots and go through their workouts. Since the NBA imposed a shut down of practice facilities beginning today players will need to figure out how to accomplish their workouts from home.

In his interview on Wednesday evening, NBA Commissioner outlined the potential for a return that might start off with a charity game(s) to ease back into the schedule. That would be months away so in the interim there is something in the works that might satiate our desire for live sports.

Specifically, the Big3 League is researching the potential for a three on three tournament with a reality twist. Co-owner Ice Cube and executive Jeff Kwatinetz are investigating the possibility with the caveat of the players being quarantined.

As per Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports:

"There would be seven rounds of games, with teammates reshuffling after the first round. When a player accumulates three losses, he is eliminated. Cash prizes totaling millions of dollars will be awarded for first-, second- and third-place individual winners."

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As outlined in the Haynes article, the tournament would be held in Los Angeles and feature between 16 to 22 players who’ve all tested negative for the COVID-19 virus. The mandate to keep everyone under quarantine would be absolute.

The tournament would run with all the players in the same house that has a basketball court on site. They would be filmed in a reality show format similar to how Big Brother is filmed. Once a player has three losses they are eliminated.

As per Haynes, former NBA players Joe Johnson, Zach Randolph and Greg Oden could be in the mix as players involved.

Per Eric Woodyard of ESPN Ice Cube and Kwatinetz are working out the kinks to ensure safety and continue negotiations with a “high-profile” TV partner.

If the event were to proceed it would certainly help build the profile of the Big3 League which was previously scheduled to begin in late June.

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Let’s hope this is a successful venture and the program is able to launch in April to appease our thirst for live sports.