OKC Thunder: Chris Paul’s journey back to OKC was meant to be

OKC Thunder's Chris Paul (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder's Chris Paul (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

The OKC Thunder’s Chris Paul shows us why being different is good. We’ve seen new sides to him this season, making us appreciate him even more.

There’s something about the mastermind of OKC Thunder guard Chris Paul that makes him different. Not just on the basketball court but away from the cameras, lights, stadiums and passionate fans.

Whether you’re watching his exclusive interview with Taylor Rooks, him speaking at an event or just leading his team on the court – there’s always a sense that everything he does and says is done with purpose.

That’s something that he has displayed with the OKC Thunder this year. From the way he leads the team in his 15th year to the way he approaches the game and maintains great health, it is unique to many other players in the NBA.

When speaking with Rooks earlier this year, he talked about his mentality on defense. He said, “guy’s don’t really guard the guy.”

Paul was talking about the fact that not many players want to go and defend the best player on another team. He highlighted that it’s actually what makes you better. Showing that he strongly believes in following the path that is hard not easy.

On the court, Paul is always pushing his young teammates to be better. He challenges them and even gives them advice about life and the future. And he’s shown belief in them by acknowledging they’re growth and trusting them in big moments.

Even at the later stage of his career, he has not missed a beat playing in all but one of OKC’s 63 games. And averaging 17.7 points, 6.8 assists, and 4.9 rebounds.

Something else that is different is one of his secrets to success which is his plant-based diet. For Paul, it was all about being at his ultimate best when he decided to go vegan last June.

As he said in an interview with Men’s Health “there’s always a method to the madness. There’s a reason why I try to eat the way I do and be as disciplined as possible.”

He’s playing better than ever, faster, stronger and fitter. Who else can you say that about other than Lebron James?

What makes Paul different is also the balance he has in leading off the court as well as on it. He’s the President of the National Basketball Players Association and is an investor in a new network called Players TV which focuses on athlete lifestyle.

All these things are telling of who he is. Not to mention the fact that this season he is without his family who resides in Los Angeles. As much as we see the determination he has to battle alongside his Thunder teammates, you get the feeling that he is also doing this for his family. Making the most of every opportunity he has with sacrifice.

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It’s quite fitting because much like Paul, the OKC Thunder have achieved a lot by going against the grain. By being led by strong and bold personalities and daring to achieve no matter the circumstances.

When asked about being Mr. Clutch or the best clutch player in the NBA he says “we’ve played a lot of close games. If you play a lot of close games, you’re going to score.”

He brushes it to the side as if he isn’t doing amazing things. But at the end of it all, CP3 will be remembered for so much and we will definitely remember this season with the Thunder. It won’t be just because of how he plays, but because of how he carries himself and his willingness to do the things no one else is doing to stay ahead of the game.

Paul lived in many other cities and played for different teams on his way back to OKC where it all began. And it feels like this is where he was and is meant to be.

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An organization that likes to be unconventional and a figure that embraces it. Oklahoma City and Chris Paul, they work well together.