OKC Thunder: Chris Paul shares humorous story on avoiding laundry duty

MARCH 08: Chris Paul #3 of the OKC Thunder looks on after the game against the Boston Celtics. (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)
MARCH 08: Chris Paul #3 of the OKC Thunder looks on after the game against the Boston Celtics. (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images) /

While OKC Thunder guard Chris Paul puts opponents in the spin cycle on the hardcourt he only just learned how to perform the same duties with laundry.

With the OKC Thunder players and fan base are stuck at home physically distancing each is learning to find ways to occupy their time. For those with families, they are spending more time with their children doing homework with them, playing with them and finding ways to keep them entertained.

In Chris Paul‘s case while he’s pining for a return of the league back to the court he’s also genuinely enjoying the time he’s getting at home. Paul and his wife (Jada Crawley) made the decision to return the family to Los Angeles when he got traded from the Houston Rockets to the OKC Thunder this past offseason.

Virtually every interview Paul has given touches on the fact of how much he misses being with the family and is using Face Time frequently to stay in touch. CP3’s children – Chris Jr. and Camryn are 10 and seven.

Once the league initiated the suspension and Paul served his 14 days of mandated quarantine he returned home to LA to be with the family.

Since then we’ve witnessed the savvy point guard dancing with his son on Tik Tok, observed him in interviews drinking wine and heard about how he’s staying in touch with several other players both on his team and around the league.

The latter isn’t surprising given Paul is the President of the NBA Players Association and as such would typically be in contact with numerous peers.


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He’s also talking to good friends which include banana boat buddies Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. In a fly on the wall moment, the two couples got together via video and shared some stories.

A portion of their chat included a humorous confession from the soon to be 35-year old on how he quite literally just learned how to do laundry.

As CP3 notes, growing up his mother did his laundry. Then in college his Mother “asked if she could continue to wash his clothes”.

As Wade and the party start laughing he says “what type of son would I be to deny her that privilege”. One time his Granny stepped in when Paul’s Mom was out of town.

Then his brother C.J. did it and in his fourth year in the league he got married and his wife Jada took over.

Wade, Union, and Jada all rib Paul while he shares the story.

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However, his luck has run out and despite friends telling him he should mess up a couple of loads to get out of laundry duty, he seems to recognize his luck has worn out and it’s time to join the masses in laundry time.