OKC Thunder: One thing Luguentz Dort can improve while on hiatus

Luguentz Dort #5 of the OKC Thunder shoots a free throw during the game against the Utah Jazz (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images)
Luguentz Dort #5 of the OKC Thunder shoots a free throw during the game against the Utah Jazz (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images) /

In the OKC Thunder 30 for 30 roundtable the next question addresses the one thing Luguentz Dort should focus on improving during the suspension.

Continuing the OKC Thunder 30 for 30 roundtable series the writing team arrives at question 27 of the series which focuses on Luguentz Dort. More specifically, what the young two-way contracted player can focus on during the suspension.

The Canadian has delivered and been among the pleasant surprises of this iteration of the Thunder. The fact the youngster had to be kept out of practices just so his allotted 45 varsity appearances wouldn’t evaporate too quickly speaks to how highly Billy Donovan values him.

Moreover, consider the height and experience of Dort and the role he’s fulfilled as a starter. Entering the season the thinking was Terrance Ferguson had the starting small forward on lock and if anyone was going to usurp him it would be Andre Roberson. Oh, how times have changed.

Dort will improve and develop and while he may not always hold the starting sport as Sam Presti adds depth and talent to the club his ascent sure was a great story to follow this season.

Like the rest of his teammates, he’s on lockdown, physically distancing. Since we’re unsure of his access to a basketball hoop this question carries a bit of uncertainty, however, we’ll dive into the writing team’s recommendation for the one thing he should focus on during the layoff.

With that, I give you question 27 from the series…

Q27: What one thing can Luguentz Dort improve upon during the hiatus?

Shontelle Matano:

Luguentz Dort has shown remarkable growth in a marvelous rookie season. His defense is especially a highlight as he can lock down on any player he is faced with.

I think one thing that he could improve on which could make him an even bigger threat is his shooting accuracy. There’s no doubt he is more than capable of this having averaged 19.5 points with the OKC Blue.

Roles can definitely change moving from the G-League into the NBA with more scoring options around him. But if we are able to see a bit more of his scoring ability, I think that could help the OKC Thunder, even more, going forward.

Rylan Stiles:

Dort not having access to the team’s practice gym is a huge disadvantage in terms of improving. One thing he can do is improve his conditioning, being matched up with the league’s top scorers will take a ton out of you, especially if you are like Dort and doing it fresh out of college. A college game that normally only sees 30 games, and rarely face elite-level scorers.

Dustin McGowen:

Luguentz Dort has been the surprise of the season for the OKC Thunder. Dort has paid off as a low-risk play for Sam Presti and will work to become a more well-rounded NBA player in the hiatus and offseason. Lu has the appropriate amount of hustle

Matthew Hallett:

Dort has dazzled through the early part of the season with his defensive prowess. However, prior to being drafted, Dort had a question mark on his 3-point shooting. I would love to see footage of Dort shooting insane numbers of balls from deep.

Tamberlyn Richardson:

As a native Canadian, it’s been a pleasure to watch the Thunder feature not just one (Shai Gilgeous-Alexander) but two Canadian’s on the team. That Dort ascended to the role he has was surprising. While it wasn’t out of his wheelhouse to make the varsity team his insertion to the starting rotation was well beyond what anyone would’ve anticipated.

Again, as the opening highlighted TFerg and ARob were expected to be the primary players to fulfill the desired defensive requirements at small forward. If anything, Hamidou Diallo would be the next logical player tapped to step in. Even Abdel Nader appeared to be an option given his shooting range.

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That Dort surpassed them all clearly speaks to his work ethic and defensive ability. Arguably the most surprising aspect of what he’s done is finding a balance on offense. He needed to recognize he was the last option but remain aggressive. Ferguson had trouble mastering that role, particularly on offense but Dort has slid into it effortlessly.

Does he still need to grow and improve in that regard? Absolutely. Will he? I’d bet on it.

As for the one thing he can work on his main goal should be improving his perimeter efficiency but he may not have access to a basketball hoop.

He can certainly work on his ballhandling fundamentals. But — here’s the thing. If the season returns ask yourself what his role will be. That’s an easy answer – doing what he has been with consistency and improving upon what he’s already done.

Based on every interview we know coaches or assistants are reaching out to each player for the most part on a daily basis. Since Dort couldn’t practice with the team he prepared for games reviewing game film on his own. Therefore, the one thing he could benefit from is a daily film session breaking down the players he could face in the postseason and review of the Thunder sets.

The coaches can break down what he did well, where he can be more aggressive and pinpoint tendencies of opponents he’ll guard.

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