OKC Thunder delivers special messages to honor the class of 2020

OKC Thunder (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /

The OKC Thunder celebrates the class of 2020 with a stream of uplifting messages and an interactive online page.

“This is for you, Class of 2020. Congratulations.” This is the message the OKC Thunder wants to send to the many graduates around the world.

Graduation, whether it’s kindergarten, high school, college, or university is an outstanding achievement. To do so during a global pandemic takes determination and fortitude and is worth celebrating.

With many graduation ceremonies and gatherings put to a halt this year, the Thunder has created an online platform on its website called Thunder Grads to recognize everyone in the class of 2020.

This amazing initiative includes messages from players and people in the organization, zoom backgrounds, a fun social media graduation filter, certificates, and more. OKC has also posted a list with the names of hundreds of graduates on their site.

Here are some of the special messages.

Thunder leader Chris Paul began by saying:

"Congratulations on graduating. It’s an unbelievable accomplishment. The class of 2020 is a unique group. I think this class right here will be a class of problem solvers, a class that understands that obstacles don’t define, it definitely makes you stronger, makes you become who you are."


Thunder great Nick Collison also shared some words of encouragement.

"Thank you for your sacrifice. It’s a big sacrifice to not be able to walk across that stage. Not be able to have your graduation parties, not be able to celebrate with your friends. You guys are going to be the next innovators, workers, citizens, and voters to come out of this and help change the world and make it a better place."

Actress and Thunder fan Kristin Chenoweth challenges new graduates to never back down and to believe in the goals they have moving forward.

"They can tell you know no but it’s what you do with the no that sets you apart."

One of the OKC Thunder’s broadcast analysts, Michael Cage shared some of the challenges he’s experienced being an NBA player and commentator and how he defeated them. Cage also presented some important questions for the class of 2020:

"What are you going to do? Who are you gonna be and what impact will you have on your team, your city, your high school…how about the world…continue to reach for the stars because there’s a lot of them still left."

No matter where you are, where you’re from, or what age you are we hope that you contemplate how far you’ve come and what you’ve reached.

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Last year I graduated from high school and I still look back and recall the unforgettable memories that I will take with me wherever I go. I know these may be different circumstances but I wish you nothing but the best for your next chapter.

I hope you still reflect on the past years and the experiences you’ve had. I also hope you enjoy this moment because it’s your time and this is definitely just the beginning.

I am going to leave you with a lasting message from Thunder play-by-play announcer Chris Fisher who not only expressed some incredible words but also told his inspiring story of overcoming adversity to now be doing his dream job.

"If you believe you were meant to do something, fight for it. Take that risk, put yourself up against the odds, and stay persistent because I promise you this, the world always welcomes determination and passion."

Have a safe and healthy day.

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