OKC Thunder: Abdel Nader sharing Egyptian culture and daily workout

OKC Thunder's Abdel Nader (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder's Abdel Nader (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder forward, Abdel Nader will be sharing more about his Egyptian culture and his daily workout while in quarantine.

OKC Thunder forward Abdel Nader grew up in Illinois with a proud Egyptian heritage. Born in Alexandria Egypt, Nader and his family moved to the United States when he was three years old.

Nader can speak fluent Arabic and continues to embrace his roots. Away from playing for the OKC Thunder, he is a committed supporter of Basketball without borders which is a community outreach program bringing participants together from across the globe.

Fans will get the chance to hear more about Nader’s interesting story this week. On Wednesday, May 20th at 11 am ET and  8 am PT, Nader will join Sports Diplomacy on Facebook live to talk about his Egyptian background and his different intercultural experiences. Nader will also take people through a fun workout.

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It is part of a series called Wellness Wednesday where current and former athletes, as well as those in the sports world, discuss initiatives for social change and uniting people through sport.

This season Nader has played an important role for the Thunder providing his quick and athletic play off the bench and being one of the team’s quiet achievers. We’ll soon find out if we get to see more of this when the NBA confirms a return to play.

Despite the challenges many are facing amid the current pandemic it is often the sports chat we have with family and friends or reminiscing on old games that help us to focus on the positive and get through these times.

Be sure to tune in to the live video at the Sports Diplomacy Divison Facebook page. It will be an awesome opportunity to get active while learning more about Nader’s journey and some of the things he’s been up to while at home.

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