OKC Thunder: Troy Weaver on short list for Pistons GM opening

Tory Weaver of OKC Thunder up for Detroit Pistons GM job (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Tory Weaver of OKC Thunder up for Detroit Pistons GM job (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder, VP of Basketball Operations, Troy Weaver is on a shortlist of three for the Pistons open GM position.

The Detroit Pistons are one of the eight teams not participating in Orlando with the OKC Thunder and 21 other clubs. Instead, the Pistons are already looking ahead to the future and as part of that process is looking to fill the front office position of General Manager.

Over the weekend differing reports emerged with Marc Stein suggesting the job was already solidified. Stein implied Troy Weaver the Thunder Vice President of Basketball Operations had the job locked up with the Pistons working to finalize a deal.

OKC Thunder VP, Weaver on shortlist to nab Pistons GM job:

However, the man most people trust with their “news bombs” (Adrian Wojnarowski) came out after the fact stating Weaver has competition.

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Specifically, the LA Clippers General Manager Mark Hughes and Jeff Peterson who is an Assistant General Manager on the Nets staff are also being considered. Woj’s tweet stated the Pistons have narrowed the contenders to these three individuals and will continue to discuss the job with these individuals this week.

Weaver’s name being in the mix isn’t a new situation. He was highly coveted by the Washington Wizards this past offseason. Washington fired GM, Ernie Grunfeld, who was with the organization for 16 years. They tried valiantly to sway Tim Connelly away from Denver but failed. Weaver leaped to the top of the line and was interested given his ties to Washington having grown up in D.C.

In the end, after two interviews, Weaver elected not to take the job and the Wizards removed the interim GM tag from Tommy Sheppard while also making other front-office changes.

Another club who was interested in Weaver recently is the Chicago Bulls but Weaver felt it was a token last-minute offer never taking it seriously.

As per usual, don’t expect to hear anything from Sam Presti or the OKC Thunder on this matter unless it becomes reality. Presti will keep all his cards (and information) close to the vest. If Weaver is offered the job and elects to accept no doubt Presti and the franchise will issue a statement of congratulations. Until then, don’t expect any updates from this side of the equation.

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