OKC Thunder: Happy 27th Birthday to the Big Kiwi – Steven Adams

OKC Thunder big man Steven Adams celebrates a birthday in the Disney bubble

Entering the second full week of life on the Orlando campus at Disney World the OKC Thunder is getting used to the new norm. That doesn’t mean players and staff aren’t missing family and friends or special events they would typically celebrate outside the bubble.

For one OKC Thunder player that meant celebrating his birthday inside this strange new setting. And that player is Steven Adams who turned 27 years old this Monday, July 20th.

It’s not likely the big man will be overly upset since he tends to roll with the punches.

When the team left for Orlando, Adams was prepared in ways most weren’t. The big kiwi brought two trays of lasagna with him after witnessing some of the lackluster meals players who arrived earlier were displaying on social media.

Fans have been linked to what’s happening inside the bubble via social media tweets from the players including one great Twitter account @NBABubbleLife. In addition, 76ers rookie Matisse Thybulle and Lakers big man JaVale McGee has been sending out videos highlighting action as it occurs giving us the bird’s eye view.

Happy Birthday Steven Adams

We’ve witnessed Chris Paul and Darius Bazley’s competitive cornhole match, and that duo along with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Devon Hall fishing. The OKC Thunder has seemingly been extremely active but where has Steven Adams been and what has he been spending his time on the campus doing?

Well — playing chess for one thing and apparently beating the computer opponent!

In fact, Adams was so delighted by his victory he replied to no less than 15 messages with the above image as Liam McKeone of The Big Lead covered in his article. In real time, this was extremely funny.

Some of the tweets he responded to with the above image were the James Harden mask scandal, ironically another birthday guy – OG Anunoby celebrating his 23rd birthday, and various other player tweets.

As for his actual birthday, Steven Adams put things in perspective for reporters on Monday when asked by reporters following practice:

My birthday was yesterday in New Zealand. It was my actual born day.  I celebrated yesterday by doing absolutely nothing.

No doubt, Adams is also playing his guitar which he brought to Orlando, and teammate Danilo Gallinari was hoping to participate in a duo with him at some point in the bubble.

Thunderous Intentions writing team sends out our very best wishes to Steven Adams and hopes the team finds a way to make the day special for the Big Kiwi. Happy Birthday, Steven!

For those who love Steven Adams check out the article below which provides a lot of interesting details on Steven Adams’ life both prior to coming to the OKC Thunder and since turning pro.