OKC Thunder: 3 goals for Kenrich Williams this offseason

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The OKC Thunder have found a hidden gem in Kenrich Williams. This season was all about ‘Kenny Hustle’ as he played the most games and minutes for the OKC Thunder. Fans and management were able to see Williams on full display this season.

According to basketball-reference.com, Williams averaged eight points, four rebounds, and two assists this year. As we look over areas of improvement for Williams this season, it is important to look at his shooting percentages from different areas on the court.

Williams shot an outstanding 53 percent from the field on at least 6 attempts in his first season with the OKC Thunder. Even more impressive was Williams 44 percent from  3-point range, where he was averaging at least two attempts.

As TI has been focusing on the remarkable season ‘Kenny Hustle’ has displayed now, we will look at areas he can improve upon. The first improvement, the free-throw line.

OKC Thunder Goal No. 1: Improve free-throw shooting

TI has already mentioned all the things Williams does well, but it is worth noting that his free-throw shooting is subpar, to say the least. According to basketball-reference.com, Williams is averaging just 57 percent from the free-throw line on one attempt.

This is not extremely pressing, but as Kenrich gets more comfortable in OKC Thunder blue, it will be imperative for the small forward from Texas Christian University to be a bit more aggressive getting to the free-throw line.

This is the one area of his game where he can improve his PPG by being aggressive. It is already extremely evident that ‘Kenny Hustle’ is persistent in other areas, so if he can work on drawing fouls and getting to the line, that will be the first obstacle, but getting to the line and making his free throws will be an eventual nightmare for opposing defenses.

All-in-all it was an impressive season for ‘Kenny Hustle,’ and I fully expect him to put in the work during the offseason, so he comes back ready to go for the 2021-2022 season.