Combine fantasy basketball and NFTs with Sorare NBA


The NBA returns this week and with it brings the debut of Sorare NBA. If you love NFTs and fantasy basketball, then Sorare NBA is going to be perfect.

The NBA season begins on Tuesday, bringing with it a slew of opportunities for teams. And a slew of opportunities for fans. Like Sorare’s new NBA game – which combines the strategy of fantasy basketball with the high-upside collectible aspect of NFTs.

They’ve already made a huge splash in the soccer and MLB world. And now they’re bringing their trademark game to the hoops arena.

Basically, when you create your free account (which you can do right now), you will get to pick your first card from a pool of the NBA’s biggest stars. Then, you’ll receive 19 more common cards (which double as NFTs).

With your 20 card collection, you’ve got some options. If you want to remain free-to-play, you can study the matchups and select five players for your lineup and then enter a Common Contender or Common Champion contests. If your team scores enough points, you’ll get rewarded with rarer cards that you can either sell in the marketplace or add to your lineup.

More competition types are coming later in the season, but the Common contests are a great way for players to build up their card collections.

So you need to score points to win better prizes. Which of course begs the question, how do you score?

Here’s how:

Sorare /

Let’s say you make the right calls, start the right players and win yourself a prize. What can you even win? Well, Sorare NBA cards are all of different rarities. Each limited card is 1 of 5,000. Rares are 1 of 1,000. Super Rares are 1 of 100 and Uniques are 1 of 1.

Oh, and an awesome new feature is the artwork featured on the cards. Like usual, the cards will feature the player’s photo, their name, the team name and logo, and the player’s position. But for the first time ever, you have the chance to find ‘Action Shot’ variants.

Sorare /

You’ll have multiple chances to win each week, too. Sorare’s game weeks run Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday. So in theory, you could be winning two contests per week. Which means two new additions to your squad.

Depending on the contest you win, the prize pool will be different. There’s no difference when it comes to scoring (Unique cards don’t score more points than Super Rares, unless you’re playing in a tournament – but those are for advanced players), but the rarity comes into play in terms of worth.

If grinding out some new cards isn’t your style, you can always check out the marketplace to buy (or sell) rarer cards right from the tip at auction.

Auctions will end every few seconds, so the action never slows down.

Don’t wait. Sign up for a free account today and combine fantasy basketball with NFTs during the NBA regular season.

For a full breakdown from Sorare, you can check out this video with Jay Williams. Or you can check out the Sorare Blog.

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