The secret to Isaiah Joe’s success with the OKC Thunder

Isaiah Joe #11 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Isaiah Joe #11 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /

The Oklahoma City Thunder have seen Isaiah Joe burst onto the scene this season, and he is already climbing his spot as the best straight free agent signing in OKC Thunder history. Sam Presti grabbed Joe just days before the 2022-23 season started, primarily thanks to Vince Rozman, who came over from the 76ers organization in the Summer.

Isaiah Joe was released by the 76ers over the offseason, despite showing potential, as the team did not have the minutes to develop the promising second-round pick. The OKC Thunder took the chance on Joe, which is paying dividends, but how is he finding so much success?

The Oklahoma City Thunder signed Isaiah Joe just days before the season; what is the secret to his success?

With Isaiah Joe, this question might seem simple. It is obviously his eye-popping 44 percent from three-point land. According to cleaning the glass (which takes out garbage time and heaves), Joe is shooting the three ball at a 45 percent clip, which places him in the 95th percentile in the NBA. In the corners, Joe shoots 49 percent and 44 percent on non-corner attempts.

According to Synergy, Isaiah Joe ranks in the 95th percentile in the league on catch-and-shoot jumpers shooting 45 percent in those scenarios and turning in 1.36 points per possession. Off the dribble, Joe still earns an excellent ranking, the 92nd percentile on 44 percent shooting and 1.14 points per possession. Coming off screens, Joe ranks in the 96th percentile, a weapon for Mark Daigneault’s offense.

However, Isaiah Joe goes beyond shooting. It is his activity. Joe has an unreal ability to always be moving on the court. From diving toward the rim and flattening out to the three-point line to back cuts and just relocating off missed shots to give OKC a lane to spray the rebound out to the Arkansas product to splash a three.

While a lot is made of his distance shooting, rightfully so, Joe is shooting 72 percent at the rim this year, which ranks him in the 91st percentile. Though that is on a small sample size, only 25 attempts at the ring, it shows he can do it with his off-ball activity.

Isaiah Joe is just 23 years old and currently on a three-year deal, with the next two seasons having Joe under team control at the league minimum. That is incredible value for the OKC Thunder, and the sharpshooting guard has carved out a long-term role within this organization.

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