3 Favorite center prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft for the OKC Thunder

Dereck Lively II #1 of the Duke Blue Devils (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Dereck Lively II #1 of the Duke Blue Devils (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /
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The OKC Thunder have the 12th pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. With the Draft just hours away, we are breaking down our three favorite prospects at each position. Obviously, the forward spot has a lot of difference-makers for the Thunder, but guard and center might also offer some upside.

The Oklahoma City Thunder fanbase has not been this divided on a topic since Darius Bazley was traded back in March. Do the Thunder need a traditional big man next to 2nd overall pick Chet Holmgren? Should the OKC Thunder continue to lean into this position-less style that allows them to run. Are true big men just too easy to acquire to warrant using the 12th overall pick on a man in the middle? These questions will be answered in due time, but for now, Sam Presti is not being predictive.

Three favorite options for the center position in the 2023 NBA Draft for the OKC Thunder.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have always been a secretive organization. this year more than ever. In the past, they have telegraphed their thinking in drafts, namely with Aleksej Pokusevski in 2020. This year, perhaps, is their best smoke screen yet.

No one knows what Sam Presti is doing on Thursday. There are reports of Oklahoma City trading up, trading back, and staying put. At 12, we have heard multiple guards, multiple wings, and even a big man. So, for now, we just have to enjoy the ride.

In the meantime, there are three big men prospects that I think would rank high on the OKC Thunder’s list of bigs. Two points to be aware of: This is a weak big-man class, and I am not including generational star Victor Wembanyama who will be selected by the San Antonio Spurs with the first pick on Thursday night.