3 Best Free Agent Signings in OKC Thunder history

The Oklahoma City Thunder mascot (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
The Oklahoma City Thunder mascot (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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The OKC Thunder relocated from Seattle to Bricktown in 2008. Since then, the franchise has been not only one of the most successful in the NBA but in sports, period, based on winning percentage. Making numerous trips to the Western Conference Finals, one run to the NBA Finals, and watching countless Hall of Famers grace the hardwood in Oklahoma City. Through all of that, their Free Agency track record has been lackluster.

For most of the Thunder’s team in Oklahoma City, the city itself was practically in its infancy stages in terms of infrastructure. Then, things boomed. Despite what the national media wants you to believe, OKC is a really happening place to be! (Do the kids still say that?) No, seriously, it is like an actual city!

The OKC Thunder do not have a strong free agent track record, but who are the three best signings in the history of the Thunder?

As always, when you make these sorts of lists, people are going to get upset. “What about player x?!” I can already hear you yelling at your device right now, so let’s get some notes and clarifications out of the way.

I am not counting Paul George; he would obviously take the cake for the best free agent signing. However, I make the rules here as Editor-In-Chief and do not think PG13 fits the spirit of the rules.

Sure, he was technically a free agent that elected to re-sign with the franchise, but the Thunder had an entire year to immerse him in their culture. While that night was a historical event and house party in Bricktown, it just does not feel right compared to an actual Free Agent signing.

In my opinion, every other signing is on the table; buyout guys, summer additions in Free Agency, and Undrafted players all count. So without further ado, let’s get into the three best Free Agent signings in OKC Thunder history.