Will Jack White make the OKC Thunder roster?

Australia's Jack White dunks (Photo by YUICHI YAMAZAKI/AFP via Getty Images)
Australia's Jack White dunks (Photo by YUICHI YAMAZAKI/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Jack White
Jack White of Australia (Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder Roster Prediction for Jack White:

The signing of Jack White was confusing to me when it was announced to me earlier this summer and it still doesn’t make sense. He has a partial guarantee on his contract that becomes fully guaranteed if he is on the team in January. I think there are a lot of players similar to what Jack White does on the roster and those players have already been in the system for a year or two, like Aaron Wiggins and Kenrich Williams.

He showed some promise in the G-League last year in a limited sample, but everywhere else he has underwhelmed. He is an older player who needs time to develop and on a team that has quite a few players that still need to develop, it will be hard for him to find playing time.

As Rylan Stiles said in the Tweet above, Jack White is a bit of a redundant player on the Thunder roster. He doesn’t have very much upside and there are still questions about him playing consistent, good defense. I think the OKC Thunder will give him a real shot to make the team in training camp and preseason. But, my prediction is Jack White doesn’t make the roster and the Thunder still have to pay him his guaranteed money, though a small price for an NBA team to pay.

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